This electric jeep of Mahindra is cheaper than Royal Enfield Himalayan 452, see PHOTO

This electric jeep of Mahindra is cheaper than Royal Enfield Himalayan 452, see PHOTO

Mahindra Willys Electric Jeep: Electric vehicles are gaining immense popularity all over the world including India. Many old vehicle manufacturers are launching new EV products and people are buying them. Another thing that people are doing to move towards electrification is that they are retrofitting their old vehicles with EV drivetrains to make them usable. Recently, a video of one such old Mahindra Willys jeep being converted into an EV has been shared online. Its price is only Rs 2.6 lakh, which makes it cheaper than the recently launched Royal Enfield Himalayan 452.

Mahindra Willys Jeep EV Exterior

The body of Mahindra Willys Jeep EV is made from fiber and it looks exactly like a vintage Willys Jeep. Vintage Willys jeeps were once very popular in India. Along with this, custom LED headlights have been added to the front of Mahindra Willys Jeep EV. This chassis has been kept open. A 30-litre front trunk is also provided inside the bonnet. Footsteps and side badging are given in its side profile.

Mahindra Willys Jeep EV Interior

Now, if we talk about its interior design, its interior has only two simple leather seats and a third seat in the back. The side profile has 15-inch steel rims, which cannot be changed. These are combined according to the capacity of the electric drivetrain of the vehicle. It has a small storage on the dashboard and a small digital meter to show speed and battery percentage. Additionally, it gets a custom steering wheel with front and rear gears in the middle. Two taillights are also provided in the rear of the jeep.

Jeep EV Suspension and Powertrain

The height of Mahindra Willys Jeep EV is about 1.32 meters and length is about 2.87 meters. The gross weight of this EV is around 350 kg and it offers an impressive ground clearance of 459 mm. Talking about the suspension setup of Mahindra Willys Jeep EV, it is equipped with suspension struts taken from Royal Enfield motorcycles on all four corners. If we talk about its powertrain, it has a 1500 kW EV motor, which generates maximum 2 BHP power and 9 Nm torque. It offers a range of approximately 100 km on a single full charge.

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