This trendy nail art remains the first choice of every girl, you can also take ideas

This trendy nail art remains the first choice of every girl, you can also take ideas

Every girl is getting art done nowadays. It has become one of the most important part of fashion and style. Not only hands are beautiful with nail art but it changes your whole look. Although many types of designs can be done in nail art here, but today we are going to tell you about some trendy nail art which has become the first choice of every girl these days.

The focus is on the ring finger: These days a lot of craze is being seen among bridal and newly married women regarding nail art. Bridals get nail art done according to the color combination of their dress, which includes stone work, kundan work as well as nail accessories. At the same time, these days, women also get nail accent nail done, which lasts for a long time and also gives a new look to your nails. This time, along with the color combination in her nail art, the bridal gets the ring finger more highlighted, in which nail accessories are used.

Theme based nail art gives cool look: These days girls are very fond of getting theme based nail art done along with their hair style and dressing, in which sea theme with flower, butterfly, heart shape is more appealing these days. Apart from this, shade nail art is also very popular among girls.

Hit French Nail Art in Working Women: French nail art is very popular among working women and college going girls which gives a casual look. While working women’s nude color nail paint is also becoming very popular these days, French nail art with glitter line in nude shade is in great demand among college going girls, which gives them a glamorous look in college. At the same time, matte nail color is also included in working women, which mainly includes black and gray nail color.

Children’s favorite cartoon character: The craze of nail art has increased not only in women but also in small girls. Nail art of their favorite cartoon character is being given to small children in Vaishali Nagar’s Nail Art Studio, which is being liked a lot. . In this, small children get their favorite cartoon characters drawn on their nails. These nail art are alcohol free as well as healthy.

Glitter became craze: The craze of glitter has been there throughout the year among women, whether it is makeup or dress or footwear, but now glitter is also covered in nail art and this is the reason that glitter has become the first choice of girls and women in getting nail art done. Is. This time, whether it is the top coat or the bottom coat, glitter is the first choice, while glitter has made its place in French nail art as well. Talking about colors in glitter, silver and golden color have remained all time favorites in glitter.

These are the new trends of nail art:
Varieties like graphical design, three dimensional colors, nail piercing, color blocking, dot design marble look, crystal look are the new trends in the nail art section these days. The design of flowers, characters or alphabets on the nails is also being liked a lot.

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