Tiger-3 is not getting success as per its name, it is difficult to touch Jawan and Pathan

Tiger-3 is not getting success as per its name, it is difficult to touch Jawan and Pathan

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—Rajesh Kumar Bhagtani

Salman Khan’s Tiger-3 has been released on Diwali. There was a big festival on the first day, due to which it was expected that the business would be less and the same happened. The film did a business of Rs 44.50 crore at the box office on the first day. It was less compared to some big films released in the year 2023 but Tiger-3 proved to be the biggest opener of Salman Khan’s career.

There is no visible enthusiasm among the audience regarding Tiger-3 which was there regarding the previous film of this franchise. In the year 2017, there was a huge craze among the audience about Tiger Zinda Hai, but this is not the case about Tiger-3. The film is getting mixed response. While talking to the audience who came out from the theaters after watching the film, when asked how they liked the film, the answer was given. Soso means neither bad nor good. Can be seen. It is not like you are forced to watch. On asking the reason, it was revealed that Salman Khan looked very tired in the film.

The action sequences filmed there are inferior to the previous two films of this franchise. One was the opening action sequence of Tiger in which Salman Khan slides down the stairs with a wooden handcart and opens fire on the enemies, which was much more praiseworthy than his entry action scene in Tiger 3. Whereas his 10-minute entry action sequence of Tiger-3 seems beyond imagination. The way the opponents fired bullets at Salman while riding a motorcycle on a high hill does not seem possible. The climax is reached when Salman Khan is shown leaving the motorcycle and jumping off a hill and easily catching the helicopter.

This is a hallmark of action scenes, some other action scenes filmed on Salman Khan also raise question marks in the eyes of the audience.

Shahrukh Khan’s cameo does not create excitement

Tiger 3 has Shahrukh Khan’s action cameo as Pathan, which doesn’t excite the audience. Seeing Salman Khan drinking water in Pakistani jail, the audience understands that now Shahrukh Khan will have an entry scene. This action sequence of two super agents has been conceived by Aditya Chopra himself, which is weak. In the face of so many opponents, being able to save oneself without getting injured creates a grimace in the eyes of the audience.

The curtain of mystery is lifted in the very beginning

The film starts with Zoya’s childhood from where it becomes clear why she became an ISI agent. Along with this, it is also told why she is misleading RAW.

characters eliminated early

The way the characters have been killed in the script of Tiger 3 hurts the audience. There was no need to kill the character of RAW agent Gopi, he could have been shown alive. Similarly, the characters of Karan and Hassan could have been kept alive and taken to the next part of the film, but the writer, director and producer soon killed them.

Girash Karnad is missed

The absence of Girish Karnad, who was seen in the last two films as RAW chief, is greatly missed by the audience. Karnad had portrayed this character on screen with complete seriousness. After the death of Karnad, Revathi has been brought in this role, who is completely unfit. There is a lack of expression on his face as per the character. An attempt has been made to present Revathi like James Bond’s M, which is a very poor attempt.

Tiger-3 cannot touch Pathan and Jawan

Tiger-3, directed by Manish Sharma, will definitely be commercially successful but it will not get the success that Pathan, directed by Siddharth Anand, and Jawan, directed by Atlee Kumar, have achieved. The biggest reason for this is the pace of the film. The pace of the film played a big role in the success of Pathan and Jawan, due to the fast pace the audience did not get time to think much. Whereas the speed of Tiger-3 is slow. Apart from this, the twists given in the film are also weaker than these two films.

business success will be limited

Overall, regarding the commercial success of Tiger-3, it can be said that it will be successful in doing a business of more than Rs 300 crore in India but it seems difficult for it to reach Rs 400 crore or beyond. Pathan and Jawan got 4 weeks in theaters as solo releases, with no other big films in front of them. Whereas Tiger-3 has to compete with Hollywood film The Marvel with its performance. Apart from this, it is also facing competition from Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s 12th Fail, made in a very limited budget. Two more big films – Animal and Sam Bahadur – are going to be released on 1st December. In such a situation, Tiger has a total of 19 days from its release date of 12th November to 30th November in which it has to prove itself as a very successful film, which seems very difficult.

The film has not been successful in even reaching the figure of Rs 200 crore in its first four days, its business has started declining from 15th November. There is some hope on Saturday and then there will be some bounce, which will not be enough to make it a big success.

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