Treatment of serious diseases is possible with herbs, said Sudhir Soren in tribal medicine training camp

Treatment of serious diseases is possible with herbs, said Sudhir Soren in tribal medicine training camp

Herbs and other herbal products have been used as medicine or as ingredients in the preparation of medicines for a long time. A large population still takes recourse to herbal products for primary health problems. People’s interest in herbal medicines has increased in the 21st century. Most of the people read herbology, so that they can cure health related problems at home. The ingredients present in herbs help in making the medicine.

Need to know about the identity of herbs and its properties

Therefore, in order to keep the tribal system of medicine alive, there is a need to learn and know the process of identification, properties and preparation of herbs from the old doctors. Sudhir Kumar Soren said these things. He was addressing a training camp on old tribal medicine system organized at Bara Sigdi village under Potka block of East Singhbhum.

80 percent of the ingredients of medicines are obtained from trees and plants.

Seven participants from four blocks of East Singhbhum and West Singhbhum were called in the camp organized under the joint aegis of Environment Consciousness Center and an organization of Ranchi. He shared his experiences and work. Sudhir Kumar Soren, who arrived from Ghatshila area as an instructor in the camp, said that about 80 percent of the ingredients in medicines are obtained from trees and plants only. If we believe in herbal medicine, we can easily cure chronic diseases. He also gave information about herbs and Ayurvedic method.

Information given on the identification of herbs and the formula for making medicines

Sideshwar Sardar, director of Paryavaran Chetna Kendra, gave his views on the specialty of horopathy. Sudarshan Bhumij gave detailed information about children’s nutrition, teeth protection and hair problems and identification of herbs and formula for making medicines. Dulal Maharana, Arjun Sawaiyan, Raimuni Honhaga told about diseases related to women and its treatment with herbs. Parvati Hansda, Lakshmi Alada, Mahendra Samad also kept their views.

7 participants from four blocks participated in the camp

Hari Singh Bhumij, Sangeeta Biruli, Harish Alda, Kishore Muni Murmu, Neha Hansda, Chhota Purti, Gauri Sardar, Aarti Sardar, Chetan Majhi, Dilip Hansda, Naran Singh Purti, Nirso Hansda and others. Moderated by Salge Mardi. Vibhishan, secretary of Environment Awareness Center, welcomed the participants.

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