Trump becomes President of Argentina, takes advice from dog, keeps giving strange statements

Trump becomes President of Argentina, takes advice from dog, keeps giving strange statements

Far-right leader Javier Meili has won the presidential election in Argentina. Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa has accepted his defeat to Javier Meili in the presidential election. Argentina’s new President Javier Miley has claimed that he has the best strategists in the world. Wait, he’s not talking about people. Miley was referring to her five dogs, who she calls her four-legged babies and claims they are her advisors on many issues. In such a situation, let us tell you who is 53 year old Miley? Why his dogs remain a topic of discussion.

Who is Miley?

The new President of Argentina is known by three nicknames, which are The Lion, The Wig and The Madman. Miley was born in Buenos Aires to a middle-class family, with whom he admits to having a complicated relationship. However, he is very close to his sister Kareena. The Libertarian’s rock-star persona is no fluke. In his youth he played in a Rolling Stones cover band and was also a keen footballer. Miley began appearing on television shows in 2015, where her aggressive statements against the government gained popularity on social media. His party Libertad Avanza was formed ahead of the 2021 elections when he became MLA for Buenos Aires. The 53-year-old economist with a rock-star personality surprised experts when he first emerged as a serious contender by winning the primary election in August with 30 percent. Although she has been alternately described as liberal, far-right, or anti-establishment, Miley’s political views are difficult to pin down. This includes insulting fellow Argentine Pope Francis and vowing to abandon or privatize key government ministries.

take advice from dogs

Miley is known for her love of dogs and has four large mastiffs named after liberal economists. According to The New York Times, their dogs are named after economists Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman and Robert Lucas. This information has been given in the official release issued by the government. Sergio of the Peronist Party has congratulated Javier on winning the elections. Meili, who calls himself an anarcho-capitalist, has often been compared to former US President Donald Trump. Argentine electoral authorities began releasing partial results immediately after Masa’s speech.

keep giving strange advice

He has been arriving at his political rallies wearing strange clothes. Milley’s policies are far right. He has been advocating selling body parts, closing many government departments, privatization of rivers and making the US dollar its currency. So far, 95 percent of the votes have been counted, of which Meili has got 55.8 percent and Masa has got 44.2 percent. If this gap persists, it would be wider than estimated based on all surveys and would be the largest since Argentina returned to democracy in 1983.

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