Trump-Trump: Trump’s return to Facebook

Trump-Trump: Trump’s return to Facebook

New York : Former US President Donald Trump has returned to Facebook after a ban of more than two years. He wrote on the site weeks after his personal account was restored, ‘I’m back! Trump also shared a video clip on Facebook in which he is seen saying, “I’m sorry for making me wait so long. It’s a very complicated process.”

The former President also shared this video clip on YouTube. YouTube announced on Friday that it was lifting the ban on Trump’s channel. Significantly, after the 2020 US presidential election, Trump’s account was banned in view of the alleged provocation by his supporters of violence in the Capitol (Parliament) complex on January 6, 2021, to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. . However, Meta, the company that owns Facebook, said in January this year that it would restore Trump’s Facebook account in the next few weeks. On February 9, Meta lifted the ban on Trump’s use of Facebook and Instagram.

Nick Clegg, META’s vice president of global affairs, said at the time, “The public needs to be able to hear what their politicians are saying – good, bad or bad – so that they can make the right choice when they vote. ” At the same time, YouTube tweeted on Friday, “Starting today, the ban on Donald Trump’s channel is lifted. New content can be uploaded on this channel. “We carefully assessed the risk of real-world violence to give voters an equal opportunity to hear the views of the leading candidates ahead of the election,” the company further wrote.

Earlier, Twitter restored Trump’s account after Elon Musk took over the company last year. However, the former President is yet to return to Twitter. However, he is sharing the post on his own social media platform ‘Truth Social’. He launched ‘Truth Social’ after his account was suspended by major social media companies in the wake of capital violence.

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