Twins born 22 days apart

Twins born 22 days apart


Bizarre News: Who doesn’t like twins? Although they are similar in appearance, there is a lot of difference in their qualities. Recently, a case related to twins came to light, knowing about which you will be quite surprised. Actually this matter is of England. Here a woman gave birth to two twins but at an interval of 22 days. On hearing this, this case might seem quite rare. Today in this article we are going to give you complete information related to this rare case. Let us know about this matter in detail.

What do the reports say

According to a media report, this woman from England, whose name is Kaylee Doyle, was pregnant. A few months ago, doctors had informed her that she was carrying twins. When she got information about this, she was very happy. The results of all the tests he got done came back normal. The doctors told them that both the children were absolutely fine and normal. She did not face any problem till the 22nd week of pregnancy. But, one day suddenly he started having severe pain in his stomach. She was unable to even get up from the bed. Kaylee Doyle was rushed to Royal Oldham Hospital without any delay. She also remained under the care of doctors for five days. Later she gave birth to her first child in a completely natural way. This newborn baby weighed only 1.1 pounds and was born dead. Kaylee became very sad due to this. Meanwhile, the doctors told them that their next child would be born in a few hours.

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Doctors sent home

When the baby was not born after a few hours and Kaylee got relief from pain, the doctors sent her home to rest. After 22 days, Kaylee once again experienced severe pain in her stomach. At this time he took an appointment in another hospital. The doctors were surprised as to how there could be a gap of 22 days. The doctors could not believe this. Kaylee told the doctors that after the birth of her first child, the doctors asked her to go home. He said that the second child will be born later. Kaylee had heard this for the first time in her life.

need for immediate operation

Later, when Kaylee did not feel any kind of pain, the doctors asked her to immediately prepare for the operation. Doctors told them that their child would have to be delivered through C-section or else Kaylee would also die. Kaylee’s placenta had separated from the wall inside the uterus. Due to which the supply of oxygen to the child could have been stopped. After surgery the second child was born. This child was 2 pounds at the time of birth and at present his age is 2 years. Initially the child had a hole in his heart and a problem with his eyes, but later this problem was completely cured.

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