Twitter service will cost money! : Musk gave hints

Twitter service will cost money!  : Musk gave hints

Pudhari Online Desk: Tesla company owner Elon Musk has made many important changes including the X name change after developing the social platform Twitter. There are indications of implementing a monthly fee for all Twitter service users, CNBC has reported.

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During a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday (Dec. 18), Musk said that X (formerly Twitter) has 550 million users per month. 100 to 200 million posts are made daily on social platforms. X’s (formerly Twitter) platform is against any group-wide attack, Tyani said at the time. During his time in office, Musk would have faced a backlash from the civil rights group for ignoring the hate speech on X and the allegations against the Jewish organization.

Will we have to pay for Twitter service?

Since acquiring Twitter, Musk has made many changes to the company’s policies. This allowed the accounts of formerly held captives like former President Donald Trump to be layered. He removed the “Blue Teak” tracking system that identifies famous people’s accounts. On Twitter, they have said X like this. Musk has indicated during his conversation with Netanyahu that soon X users will have to pay a monthly fee. The problem of artificial accounts is considered to be the cost incurred if the cost has been determined incorrectly or the decision has been taken incorrectly. What is the monthly fee for users? Also, Musk has not clarified what benefits the users will get after waiving the monthly fee.

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