Two Indians get 41 months in jail for defrauding elderly victims in America

Two Indians get 41 months in jail for defrauding elderly victims in America

New York (Uttam Hindu News): Two Indian nationals have been sentenced to 41 months in prison for their role in a wire fraud conspiracy by accepting $1.2 million illegally obtained in wire transfers from victims across the US. US Attorney Philip R. Arushobike Mitra, 29, and Garbita Mitra, 25, were convicted before U.S. District Judge Esther Salas of one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, Selinger said. Judge Salas handed down the sentence Tuesday in Newark federal court. “These defendants and their conspirators used deceit and threats to prey on some of our most vulnerable citizens and coerce them into sending money,” said U.S. Attorney Selinger.

“Protecting our senior population from these types of fraudulent ‘robocall’ scams is a priority for our office. “Those who are involved in this type of elder fraud scheme can prepare to face justice.” According to documents filed in the case and court statements, as part of an international fraud scheme, criminal India-based call centers made automated calls to victims across the country with the intent to defraud US residents, particularly the elderly. Used ‘robocall’.

After establishing contact with the victims through these automated calls, other members of the conspiracy would coerce or trick the victims into sending large sums of money to their fellow members through cash shipments or wire transfers. These conspirators used a variety of tactics to persuade victims to send money, including posing as government officials from agencies such as the Social Security Administration or law enforcement officers from the FBI or DEA. They threatened the victims with dire legal or financial consequences if they did not pay the money.

Other tactics involved the caller making the victim believe they were speaking to someone from a technical support company and forcing the victim to provide remote access to his or her personal computer. The caller would then access the victim’s bank accounts and pretend that he had unknowingly transferred money to the victim’s bank account, when in reality the caller had transferred money from another account of the victim. . The caller will then instruct the victim to “return” the money to other members via mail or wire transfer. In addition to the prison terms, Judge Salas sentenced Arushobike and Garbita to three years of supervised release and ordered them to pay $835,324 in restitution.

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