Under 19 World Cup: Pakistan’s game is over!

Under 19 World Cup: Pakistan’s game is over!

Benoi, Circle Institute: The Under 19 World Cup semi-final clash between Australia and Pakistan continued till the last moment. Only the last pair of Australia made a partnership of 16 runs and Australia achieved victory by taking the last six. Had Australia bowled first, Pakistan would have restricted 179 runs. Only, after crossing this challenge, Australia’s position would have been 164 raids after 9. Australia’s Harry Dixon scored 49 runs and scored 50 runs. Ralph McMillan made 19 unbeaten runs and led Australia to victory. There will be a fight for the title between Australia and India on 11th February.

In the second semi-final of the Under-19 World Cup, Australia decided to bowl first with Nanefek Jinkoon. Australia would have scored 79 runs after 7 runs against Pakistan thanks to Tom Straker’s penetrating bowling. Only Azhan and Arafat scored half-centuries and Pakistan crossed the 150-run mark. Only 24 runs and 6 wickets were taken by the striker and ultimately Pakistan’s total was 179 runs.

Australia would have taken the field with the challenge of 180 runs for Pakistan. Harry Dixon and Sam Constance tried to make a good start by giving 33 runner-up salutes. Only Pakistan’s bowlers Ali Raza and Arafat Minhas hit the ball and Australia’s condition was getting worse. Even Harry Dixon would have been defeated after 52 runs.

Australia scored 102 runs after 5 innings when Ollie Peake and Tom Campbell made a 44-run partnership for the second wicket.

After that, Australia scored 164 runs after 9 innings. Australia would have needed 34 runners to win. At that time he had five wickets in his hand. Pakistan took only 18 runs against Australia’s 4 wickets. His state would have been 146 after 5 or 164 after 9. Only Rafe McMillan fought till the end and scored 19 runs and the last six gave Kangaroo victory in the final.

Brief track record – (Under 19 World Cup)

Pakistan : 48.5 sixes all out 179 runs. (Azhan Awez 52, Arafat Minhas 52. Tom Straker 6/24.)
Australia : 49.1 181 runs after 9 sixes. (Harry Dixon 50, Oliver Peak 49. Ali Raza 4/34)

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