Users can hide Likes tab from public view on

Users can hide Likes tab from public view on

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San Francisco. Elon Musk-run X (formerly Twitter) has introduced a new feature that will allow premium subscribers to hide their ‘Likes’ tab from public view.

Upon enabling “Hide Likes Tab”, Tab X will completely disappear from Premium users’ profiles.

“Keep your Like tab private by hiding it. Available to Premium subscribers,” X said Thursday.

Musk also shared about the new update on X, but he advised users to keep the Like tab open and use ‘bookmarks’ for interesting posts.

“You can hide your likes now, but I recommend keeping them open and only using bookmarks for interesting posts,” he said.

Apart from this, many users shared their views on this development.

One user wrote, “Thanks, Alan! I can like anything and no longer have to worry about anyone checking.”


Other notable changes include removing the word “Twitter” entirely and replacing it with an X.


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