Vaibhav Gupta said – hard work matters

Vaibhav Gupta said – hard work matters

Singer Vaibhav Gupta has won the trophy of singing reality show Indian Idol 14. Vaibhav Gupta, resident of Kanpur, has won the trophy along with the prize money of Rs 25 lakh. He is thankful to everyone who trusted him in this journey. Conversation with Urmila Kori.

You won the trophy by defeating Anjana, Ananya, Shubhdeep and Piyush. When did you realize that I would prove to be the best singer among them?

All of us contestants were singing amazingly. We made a place in the hearts of people with our performance. I think it is up to the public as to whom they like the most. I don’t think a trophy can decide who is the best. I think whoever was in the top 6 were all winners. Together we all took this show forward.

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Your father came to the show, that moment was so special.,

Papa always used to say that when will your time come. Papa had said that now you will do something, only then I will come to bless you. Papa always wanted me to do something in my life. So that in future I can stand on my own feet. When father came just now he was very happy. I feel very happy that I was able to make my father proud. I was able to give them respect and the feeling that people know them by my name. It was amazing that Papa came and blessed me.

Who was the biggest support system among the three judges?

All three judges have encouraged me. Vishal sir always used to say that your throw, your crunch is very good. Sanu Da used to say that when you sing a romantic emotional song, it does not seem that you can sing fast or peppy numbers and you also sing Sukhwinder Singh ji’s songs. Shreya ma’am also encouraged me a lot. She also asked me to practice as much as possible off camera, so I would like to give credit to all three judges.

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How would you describe the journey from Kanpur to Mumbai?

The journey from Kanpur to Mumbai. It has been very beautiful. Staying in music the whole day in Kanpur. Coming from coaching and immediately going to band rehearsal. I used to do shows. We used to practice for shows. The practice place was an hour away from our house. I used to go there every other day. I think the hard work I was doing for music. God saw that and made me the winner.

Does being from a small town increase the conflict?

I think it doesn’t matter whether the city is big or small. Only your talent and hard work matters and nothing else. If you have talent, you can become big even after coming from a small town. There is no art in you, no matter which big city you come from. You can’t become big.

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When I gave the audition, did I think that this time I would be the winner of Indian Idol?

When I came to audition, I came smiling with full confidence. I also sang the same mastmaula type Humka Peeni Hai. People gave a lot of love to that audition. I was very happy in this journey. I was confident. My only motive was to do good music. I have to play the songs very well and convey my voice to the people, perhaps I was successful in that and that is why I became the winner of season 14.

Who have been your inspirations in music?

My motivation in music has been Sukhwinder Sir. I am also impressed by Vishal Mishra sir. He has made a big name for himself after coming out of Kanpur. Seeing this it seems that only hard work can make you.

It is often said that the real struggle of a singer begins after the reality show?

It is true that yes, through reality shows we are able to tell that our voice is like this. The struggle does not end but the burden increases after becoming the winner. We have to keep proving that we are doing better. After all, the trust of so many people rests on your shoulders, who have made you a winner. Well, I believe that no matter how successful one becomes. He will continue to struggle for something or the other in life. The struggle never ends.

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Have you given auditions for any other singing reality show before Indian Idol?

I have given auditions for many singing reality shows. I have also faced a lot of rejection. Used to work harder after rejection. It was my hard work that made me the winner of Indian Idol 14. There is still more to win.

What are you going to do with the prize money won?

I always had a dream of building a dream studio where I could create my own kind of music, so I wanted to do the same with the prize money I won. Have to give good music to the listeners.

Indian Idol 14 Winner: Vaibhav Gupta of Kanpur became the winner of Indian Idol 14, said- I want to build my own studio.

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