Valentine Week Special: How does hugging stuffed toys improve mental health? Learn

Valentine Week Special: How does hugging stuffed toys improve mental health?  Learn

teddy bear

Happy Teddy Day: On the occasion of Teddy Day, many people give teddy bears or stuffed toys to each other as a gift. These are available in different types in the market and are made from very soft material. We often think that stuffed toys are for children, but do you know that stuffed toys are very beneficial for adults too. You might be wondering how? Actually, stuffed toys help in improving your mental health. In this article, we are going to tell you what are the benefits of keeping stuffed toys and why you should keep them with you.

Helps in Reducing Stress Level

Help in reducing stress level

In today’s time, stress affects everyone, whether children or adults. Stress is the cause of many mental illnesses and due to not keeping the stress level under control, it gives rise to many chronic diseases. Nowadays, stuffed toys are being used for mental therapy. Hugging stuffed toys produces a hormone called oxytocin in your body, which is also known as the cuddle hormone and which helps in reducing stress. When you hug your stuffed toys after working all day, it reduces your anxiety throughout the day and gives you a positive feeling.


removes loneliness

Many times we feel alone in our life, it seems that there is no one to listen to us. We see how children consider their stuffed toys as their friends, so it is not surprising that it will be a companion for you too and everyone feels the need of companionship in their life. .

help overcome grief

Stuffed toys are also called comfort objects because they give us comfort, even if it is through sadness. Sadness happens in everyone’s life, but if we have something that helps us forget our sadness, then what can be better than this. Stuffed animals help you overcome past pain and trauma.

Social Anxiety

Reduces social anxiety

Social anxiety has become a common problem today and is increasing even more with the increasing use of our phones and social media. Stuffed toys can be very beneficial in reducing social anxiety. Many times inanimate things like stuffed toys become a source of comfort for us.

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