Virat Kohli Instagram: Virat Kohli has 25 crore insta fans

Virat Kohli Instagram: Virat Kohli has 25 crore insta fans

India’s dashing batsman Virat Kohli created a ruckus in IPL. He scored two centuries in a row with six half-centuries and hit a total of 639 runs. Viratcha Sangh Jari Play Off Gathu Shakla Nasla Tari He made Sanghala many victories by his strong performance. Virat comes to the cricket field in his old form. He also got a strong form on Instagram. (Virat Kohli Instagram)

In IPL 2023, Dhoni Pathopath Virat Kohli also got tremendous response from the audience. Aata instagramvarhi aayke fan following mein toofan wad jhali aahe. Virat Kohli has crossed the mark of 250 million followers (25 crore). Specially, Virat Kohli has become the first player in Asia to have such a huge Insta fan following. (Virat Kohli Instagram)

Virat Kohli has grabbed big names in the Insta fan following like Dhoni and Tendulkar in the Indian cricket world. India’s master blaster has 40.4 million insta followers. And Mahendra Singh Dhoni has 42.5 million insta followers. Virat Kohli has topped the list of sportspersons with the most fan following in Asia.

According to the opinion of the world sports world, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is the leader among the most followed sportsmen on Instagram. His Instagram has 585 million fan following. After that, Lionel Messi’s number is on the second number. He has 463 million fan followings.

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