Virat Kohli vs Naveen Ul Haq: Viratashi Panga Naveen-ul-Haqla Padla Mahagaat! MI kadu troll, lsgnehi ‘amba’ word banana mute

Virat Kohli vs Naveen Ul Haq: Viratashi Panga Naveen-ul-Haqla Padla Mahagaat!  MI kadu troll, lsgnehi ‘amba’ word banana mute

Pudhari Online Desk: Virat Kohli vs Naveen Ul Haq: The brawl between Royal Challengers Bangalore’s star batsman Virat Kohli and Lucknow Supergiants’ fast bowler Naveen-ul-Haq during the IPL match is still a topic of discussion. Or after the promise, some reactions given by both the players on social media only kept the atmosphere warm. Fans and Naveen-ul-Haq and Gautam Gambhir didn’t have a single chance to debate. Every time the players of Mumbai Indians take flight, they come in front of them.

Alikdech Naveen ul Haqne would have shared a post on social media about Fancha Raja Ambya. During the group match played between RCB and Mumbai Indians, he would have shared his photo in front of the TV screen keeping a glass jar of mangoes. So RCB would have lost the match. And in a way, many would have guessed that Anand Naveen celebrated it. (Virat Kohli vs Naveen Ul Haq)

In the canceled eliminator match, Lucknow Super Giants were defeated by Mumbai Indians by 81 runs. Yes, he was thrown out of the LSZilla tournament. After normalcy, the fans of Lucknow bowler Naveenvar have once again targeted him for the post of his eyes. Or some players of Mumbai Indians are involved in trolling of Afghanistan players. (Virat Kohli vs Naveen Ul Haq)

Naveen-ul-Haqne bowled brilliantly against Mumbai Indians in the Eliminator match. Naveen took the wickets of skipper Rohit Sharma, Cameron Green, Tilak Verma and Suryakumar Yadav. Mumbai Indians got 200 figures by Navinchaya or Bowling. Only, while chasing the target of 183 runs of Mumbai Indians, the entire team of Lucknow lost 101 runs. Or the dreams of getting the last ferry to Lucknow shattered.

After the defeat of LSG, three players of Mumbai Indians Sandeep Warrier, Vishnu Vinod and Kumar Kartikeya are seen ridiculing the new innovation. Ya Tighani has three mangoes placed in the center of the round table and Tighani has shared a photo posing like Gandhiji’s three goals, don’t speak evil, don’t listen to evil and don’t speak evil. Fans have started trolling Naveenla Dharwar after seeing her photo.

Lucknow Ambyalach Banana Mutt

Not only this, but the word ‘Amba’ became so viral on Twitter that it started trending. However, after Lucknow’s debacle against Mumbai Indians, Lucknow Supergiants themselves have tried something new. The words ‘mango’, ‘mangoj’, ‘sweet’ and ‘aam’ are muted. After doing this, the fans guessed that the post was related to Naveen’s Amba post. LSG gave postla captions – release for our interest. Yavarhi social media users are making fun of Naveenchi. When someone mutes a word, then they do not get notifications when the word is tweeted. Naveen’s defeat in Lucknow would have definitely gone viral. In such a situation, Lakhnaune Amba ha word mute karine charchela udhaan aale aahe.

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