Virendra Sehwag : Virendra Sehwag Jhala Akash Madhwalcha Fan

Virendra Sehwag : Virendra Sehwag Jhala Akash Madhwalcha Fan

Mumbai; Circle Organization: Mumbai Indians (MI) fast bowler Akash Madhwal will never be able to replicate the bowling of Mumbai Indians (MI) in IPL, a belief expressed by former Indian opener Virender Sehwag. Madhwale’s 3.3 overs in 5 overs against Lucknow Super Giants in the Eliminator of IPL 2023 would have been bananas. That’s why Mumbai defeated Lucknow by 81 runs. (Virendra Sehwag)

Interacting with Cricbuzz, Sehwag praised Madhwal and said that no one would be able to replicate Madhwal’s figures in IPL. Sehwag said, Mala deta aale aste, tar mi madhwala 10 paaki 11 guna aste dile. The way he made bananas after Badonila, they would have been wonderful. Madhwal has registered such statistics taking five wickets in five runs, which no one else can replicate, it seems. (Virendra Sehwag)

Madhwal has taken 13 wickets with seven wickets in IPL 2023. Sehwag said, due to Madhwal’s speed, he got Badoni’s wicket. Because while thinking of hitting the backward length ball, Madhwal’s speed beat me. Madhwal is a thinking bowler and he definitely has a future in IPL.

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