WC 2023 & PM Modi: PM Modi’s words of ‘Dhairya’…’Chandrayaan’ campaign…Aata Mission 2024 World Cup

WC 2023 & PM Modi: PM Modi’s words of ‘Dhairya’…’Chandrayaan’ campaign…Aata Mission 2024 World Cup

Pudhari Online Desk: Sports are a part of victory and defeat in any field. Success does not bring fame and infamy is not a permanent mark. Still, many of the Yashaalas are rich and the poor are poor. Tyamulech porke asalelya infamous person, four-armed person is killed by tikacha mara tar tasheleach asate. Or there would have been further destruction of the verbally defeated Jhalaenya. Just one word that gives patience to the disciple gives immense strength to fight against evil. These inspirational words provide new energy to the work of Shikhar Sir. As if it is going to happen again, social media is abuzz with such talk. It is for this reason that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to compete in the World Cup final and Team India has won the final…(WC 2023 & PM Modi)

After the disgrace of ‘Chandrayaan’ or Modi, the campaign is going on with the help of irony.

The day would have been 6th September 2019. ISRO would have been ready for Chandrayaan Mission 2. The initial plan to soft land Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram module on the lunar surface did not go according to script, with the lander losing contact with the ground station during its final descent. After addressing the ISRO scientists, some time later its ground contact information would have been announced. At last, contact with Vikram Land was lost and there was disappointment among astronomy lovers across the country. Sivan Prachanda would have been very disappointed when Chandrayaan 2 lander ‘Vikram’ lost contact with the Space Agency during its lunar descent.

If the then President of India K Sivan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi became emotional then the context…

Don’t lose courage…

After the successful launch of Chandrayaan-2 mission, Prime Minister Narendra Modi would have said, I have understood your desired point, the look in your eyes has improved a lot. So don’t wait here for long. We may never reach the surface of the moon like a rocket… You stand as close to the surface as you can, remain still and look ahead.” After his speech, Modi waved at the scholars and gave words of encouragement to them, asking them to look ahead and not to lose courage. At this time, the then president could not hold back tears as he was inspired by Modi’s inspiring words. Modi was seen greeting and consoling a tearful Shivanala outside the ISRO headquarters in Bengaluru. Only Prime Minister Narendra Modi would have become emotional.

India vs Australia, PM Modi
Prime Minister Modi reached the Indian Association dressing room and consoled all the players…

WC 2023 & PM Modi: ‘Smile brother, the country is watching you

Australia’s defeat in the final round of the 2023 World Cup was no less than a shock for the Indian Cricket Association players and millions of fans. Or in the background, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the dressing room of the Indian Cricket Association. There he contacted the players and tried to motivate them. The photo of him hugging fast bowler Mohammed Shami is going viral on social media. Team India suffered mental shock after the defeat in the final match. At the same time, Prime Minister Modi reached the Indian Association dressing room and consoled all the players. (PM Modi with Team India) Holding the hands of Rohit and Virat, PM Modi told them, ‘Smile brother, the country is watching you.’ Said like this.

After the final defeat in the upcoming Commonwealth World Cup, Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed Team India players and compared Chandrayaan 2’s infamy with the visit of the astrologer and the then President Sivan. Reason: In the middle of 2019, the Chandrayaan month is infamous, but in the mid-2023, the month of Chandrayaan is famous. The T-20 World Cup is coming next year in 2024. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s players are the players of Team India, Dhilya Dhairya Zeravar is the name of India’s next World Cup winner, such a discussion is going on in social media.

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