Web Series Review: Inspector Avinash – Inspector Avinash web series review in hindi starring Randeep Hooda Jio Cinema

Web Series Review: Inspector Avinash – Inspector Avinash web series review in hindi starring Randeep Hooda Jio Cinema


Story of ‘Inspector Avinash’ web series

This series by Randeep Hooda is inspired by the adventures and life of Avinash Mishra, a supercop from Uttar Pradesh. ‘Inspector Avinash’ showcases the hard work of the UP Special Task Force and their relentless efforts to curb crime. The series centers around the character of Avinash Mishra, how he faces challenges in his mission to get rid of the rising crime situation and restore peace.

Trailer of ‘Inspector Avinash’

‘Inspector Avinash’ web series review

In ‘Inspector Avinash’, we are introduced to a cop who has strong religious beliefs of his own. However, there are many shortcomings in his own practice. He often reaches the crime scene in an inebriated condition. Offers to help the wife of a slain criminal by giving money. But at the same time he doesn’t think twice before shooting any criminal. The series progresses with an exciting story. It shows us the reality of the crime scene in Uttar Pradesh. The center of the story is Inspector Avinash, so we get to see every aspect of this character’s life. As soon as you connect with the character, the series further keeps you tied as a viewer.

The story of ‘Inspector Avinash’ moves in flashback, as Avinash (Randeep Hooda) finds himself in the crosshairs of questions after the encounter of the three boys. Similar to Ian Richardson and Kevin Spacey talking directly to the camera in House of Cards, it happens here too. The makers of the show have used this technique very well to immerse the audience in the world of Avinash.

This series is on the chronology of the year 1997. Once upon a time, Uttar Pradesh was plagued by notorious gangster Mr. Prakash Shukla. In view of his increasing criminal incidents, the UP government formed a special task force on the recommendation of DGP Samar Pratap Singh (Zakir Hussain). A team of flamboyant police officers is formed along with Inspector Avinash. Complete planning is done to eliminate criminals and crime and the mission begins. The first focus of this operation is to nab those responsible for planting the bomb in the religiously holy city of Ayodhya. The second episode has a thrilling encounter with the dreaded gangster Bittu Chaubey (Resh Lamba). Also, the investigation is going on for the murder of MLA Kiran Kaushik, who has connections with another influential MLA Jagjivan Yadav (Rahul Mitra). The series focuses on the clinical method of dismantling crime networks with great precision.

In the first two episodes, which are streaming on the streaming platform, we see ‘Inspector Avinash’ tackling crime in his own way. Each episode focuses on a specific case. While some episodes are themed around larger issues. The series also shows the human side of the STF members. These officers in plain clothes perform their duties with clinical approach. However, creative liberties have also been taken to make the story inspired by real life interesting on screen. The good thing is that due to this the series does not seem to be deviating from its main plot anywhere.

‘Inspector Avinash’ is an entertaining action thriller starring Randeep Hooda. He leaves his mark in almost every scene. He has adapted himself brilliantly in the character of UP Supercop Avinash Mishra. His mastery in UP dialect is visible. In this way, he connects very easily with this story based in the hinterland of Uttar Pradesh. A few months ago, we also saw Randeep Hooda in the web series ‘Cat’. This time he is seen in his form throughout the series.

Zakir Hussain, playing the role of Avinash’s boss, DGP Samar Pratap Singh, plays the character naturally. He may have got less screen time, but his presence adds to the thrill. At the end of the second episode, we see Abhimanyu Singh, giving an idea of ​​his threat in the upcoming episodes. Smart STF members Ahlawat (Rajneesh Duggal) and Rathi (Pravin Sisodia) have also left their mark.

There is a sense of satisfaction watching the first two episodes of ‘Inspector Avinash’. But it is also important that there is a chance for later episodes to delve deeper into the stories behind the encounters. It is expected that Neeraj Pathak has woven a thrilling story with a great background for all the encounter stories in the series.

Why see- If you like watching crime thrillers and want to see stories related to true events, then this series adorned with excellent actors like Randeep Hooda is worth watching.


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