What did Kia do… is it a car or a minivan? Innova Hycross is done!

What did Kia do… is it a car or a minivan?  Innova Hycross is done!

Kia Carnival Hybrid minivan: Toyota Innova Hycross is known as a big luxury SUV car for a big family, but it is no longer the only big luxury car for a big family. South Korean car manufacturing company Kia has also introduced the updated version of the large family minivan Kia Carnival Hybrid in the market. Although the company has not officially announced its launch and price, it is estimated that Kia will launch it in the market in early 2025.

Kia Carnival Hybrid Minivan Variants and Price

Although, South Korean company Kia Motor had unveiled the Carnival minivan in the global market only last year, but now the company has introduced it in the market with a hybrid engine. The company calls it Carnival HEV. Kia has launched it in the market with a total of four variants, which include LXS, EX, SX and SX Prestige. It is estimated that after its launch in India, its ex-showroom price may start from around Rs 40 lakh.

Kia carnival hybrid minivan engine

The Kia Carnival hybrid minivan has a 1.6-litre turbo-hybrid engine, which will be paired with an electric motor. Its power output is 72 bhp and the total combined power output is around 242 bhp. This engine is capable of generating peak torque of 367 Nm. Apart from this, it also has an electric motor, which is capable of generating torque at full speed. Along with this, it has been given a turbocharger and on-duty gearbox 6-speed automatic unit. Its hybrid powertrain can improve the air pressure of the 17-inch wheel. It also has features like driver paddle shifters, e-handling, e-ride and e-evasive handling assist.

Kia Carnival hybrid minivan launch and competition

Although Kia Motors has not yet made any official announcement regarding the launch of the Carnival hybrid minivan in India, it is estimated that the company may launch it in the market in early 2025. At present, it has no competition in the market, but its older model has direct competition with Toyota Innova Hycross.

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