What to do if you receive money from a stranger on the UPI app? Know that it is useful

What to do if you receive money from a stranger on the UPI app?  Know that it is useful

Google Pay PhonePe Fraud: Do you use Google Pay or Phonepe for making digital payments? If yes, then there is an update about it that you need to know. Fraudsters have now found a new way to cheat people through the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) app. Recently, the news of one crore rupees being looted from 81 people in Mumbai by cyber criminals came to the fore.

mistakenly sent money

According to a report in the English newspaper Hindustan Times, there have been some cases in which fraudsters deliberately send money to an unknown account using Google Pay or PhonePe. He then asks that account holder to return the money saying that it was sent by mistake. Now if that amount is paid to the caller’s number, then the money sender will be a victim of malware attack from here.

that’s why it’s dangerous

When the user returns money in such cases through UPI apps like Google Pay or PhonePe, his complete data including bank details and other KYC details including PAN, Aadhaar etc become available to those fraudsters and such details can be used to hack the bank account. are enough for If cybercrime experts are to be believed, then this whole game is a mixture of malware phishing and human engineering.

What to do in such a situation?

Even anti-malware software cannot protect Google Pay and PhonePe users from such online frauds. So the best solution is to answer such calls that you have asked the bank to look into the matter. Cybercrime experts advise UPI users to deposit money by calling such callers to the nearest police station instead of returning money through the app.

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