Will Bollywood people be able to woo the audience with a changed style? The first quarter was mixed, there is talk of change in the industry

Will Bollywood people be able to woo the audience with a changed style?  The first quarter was mixed, there is talk of change in the industry

The first quarter of the year 2023 is about to be completed. From the point of view of the film industry, the first three months were mixed. Even in the first quarter, Jahan Pathan has created a new record by earning around 540 crores across the country. At the same time, Ranbir and Shraddha Kapoor’s film ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’, released last week, is also going to enter the 100 crore club. But on the other hand Akshay Kumar’s ‘Selfie’, Karthik Aryan’s ‘Shehzada’ and Marvel Cinematic Universe’s film ‘Ant Man and The Wasp Quantumania’ could not even cross the 50 crore mark. In such a situation, the film industry people have completely failed to understand what the audience will like and what will not. Although all the producers have announced the release dates of their films for the whole year, but no one understands how much the audience will like their film. This is the reason why nowadays film stars are taking care of the promotion of their films. At the same time, all the producers are trying to change it according to the choice of the audience by doing a little patchwork in the films. On the other hand, efforts are being made to connect the audience with them even by announcing a lot of sequel films.

‘Will get through this difficult time’

Talking about the changed environment of the film industry, noted filmmaker Anand Pandit says, ‘At present, no one has a complete idea of ​​the audience’s preferences. That’s why everyone is trying to adapt to the new environment. They try to change their film according to today by doing some patch work if possible. They want the film shot during Corona to make a good film by investing a little more money. I think some films are being remodeled. That’s why filmmakers are cautiously announcing the release of films. Whereas some people are really scared, while some people are seeing that if other people announce their film, then I should also announce the release.

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‘Cinema has always faced challenges’

On the other hand, film director Hansal Mehta says that cinema has always faced challenges. This time also we will get out of this difficult phase. He says, ‘I think this has always been happening. Similar situations had arisen in the film industry even when there was a problem with Bharat Shah. At the time of Gulshan Kumar ji’s murder, similar situations prevailed. Even then people used to say that the industry is over, now no one will go to the cinema. VCRs came, then came DVDs, so people could watch movies at home. But still the cinema medium kept moving forward. That’s why I feel that cinema will still continue to move forward after winning all the difficulties.

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‘There is no middle ground’

Producer and film business analyst Girish Johar believes that now the taste of the audience has completely changed. He says, ‘Nowadays the audience does not understand the middle way. Earlier even bad films used to run in theaters for a week or two. But nowadays if the film does not have the guts, then it becomes difficult for it to garner an audience even on the first weekend. On the other hand, if the film is liked by the audience, then they will continue to watch it in theaters even for 50 days. Moreover, even after the OTT release of other films, the audience is going to the cinema to watch a good film. These include films like Kantara to Drishyam 2 and Pathan. On the other hand, famous screenwriter Mayur Puri, who writes funny dialogues for Hindi versions of Hollywood films, explains the lack of good scripts in Bollywood as the biggest reason for the failure of films. He says, ‘I think Bollywood needs to learn and understand a bit. We created bad content for 2-3 years. After that they understood that nothing is going to happen with this content. Can’t understand what kind of content people like and don’t like. While the creators very quickly understand what is going on and what is not. However, I am hearing and seeing that efforts are being made to rectify things. I think we have to first understand what we are good at. We have to walk with whatever is our strength. This is a very difficult year for us.

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