World Cup 2023: Kapil Dev’s team Indiala Salla, “Chukadanhi shikato toch..”

World Cup 2023: Kapil Dev’s team Indiala Salla, “Chukadanhi shikato toch..”

Pudhari Online Desk: The final match of the World Cup between India and Australia will be held on Sunday, 19 November at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Rajiv Ahmedabad. Or Normally Australia shattered India’s dreams by defeating Team India by 6 wickets. Kangaruni Sahavyanda World Cup Apna Navavar Banana. Bharatachya Parbhavar Maji Cricketer Kapil Dev expressed his opinion and also gave advice to Team India. (World Cup 2023)

Something that happened in the past…

Kapil Dev, speaking in a news channel, said, “Kheladuni je jhal te visrun jave. Yes, there is no such threat that Yamdhya will make you spend your life. The players will start moving forward. You will have to plan for your next day. You cannot undo what has happened in the past; But one must keep working hard. Anyone can say anything after the defeat; But on zinc all the property. Indian team displayed excellent sportsmanship in the World Cup competition; But he could not face the final confrontation. But if someone learns something from his mistakes then he is a true player.

World Cup 2023: Samanyala Kapil Dev was not invited?

Kapil Dev was not invited to the world cup final. A video regarding this is going widely viral on social media. Or in the video, former Indian captain Kapil Dev says that he was not invited to watch the World Cup final between India and Australia. Or on video, social media users are giving mixed reactions and expressing their displeasure. Many big names including former cricketers would have been invited for the India-Australia final. Many famous faces including Sachin Tendulkar, Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone were seen on the field cheering for Team India; But former legend Kapil Dev says that he was not invited.

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