Worldcupfinal2023: What did Pakistan cricketers say after India’s defeat to Babar Azam?

Worldcupfinal2023: What did Pakistan cricketers say after India’s defeat to Babar Azam?

Pudhari Online Desk: Australia won the World Cup after defeating India. In the last match played at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Kangaroo won the victory. Australia broke India’s streak of 10 consecutive victories. There are many reactions on social media after the incident. At the same time, Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam has posted the last match.

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Many cricketers of Pakistan have reacted to India’s defeat. Captain Babar wrote in his Instagram post, Congratulations to Australia! “Excellent performance Kelly in the final round.” Wasim Akram wrote, “Congratulations to Australia on becoming world champion. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oye Oye Oye.” Also, he or she has tagged Shanirala in the post. Shanaira is the wife of Wasim Akram. He is an Australian citizen.

At the same time, Shoaib Akhtar wrote on Twitter that Australia has won the World Cup. Jinkat is there since 1987. India would have reached the finals not just by luck but by playing better. Team India reached there after 10 consecutive defeats. Felt sad after seeing the wicket. Mala can get a better wicket than Watley for the final. Had the wicket been a little faster or bounced, had you played against Lal Matit, you would not have been so dependent on the toss. They felt that they could not catch the Australian batsmen with fake greens. The vision of Team India was not good. India has lost the World Cup. If there was someone to stop them then Australia would have been there.

Waqar Younis celebrated Australia’s victory. He wrote- “You should have told me only half of it. Congratulations to Pat Cummins and his colleagues. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oye Oye Oye.”

Kamran Akmal wrote in his Twitter post, Congratulations to the Australian Association on the World Cup. Yes, the World Cup is full of ups and downs for you and in the end you are the champion. Hearty good wishes Team India. Or you played excellent cricket in the World Cup.

Mohammad Rizwanhi posted after India’s defeat and wrote – The way India played cricket in the entire World Cup would have been surprising. But Australia played excellent cricket in the last innings. Congratulations to Australia on becoming Sahavyanda World Champion.

Pakistan’s new T20 captain Shaheen Shah Afridi wrote – Big congratulations to Cricket Australia for World Cup winning title Jinkalya. On the last day, Udayas emerged as the best Sangha. India’s luck was limited, but they performed brilliantly in the entire competition.

Former Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik wrote – Australia team deserves to win. Team India performed brilliantly throughout the World Cup, but I always say that Australia performs best under pressure and they proved it once again in the final round.

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