Lok Sabha Election 2024: Ayodhya did not get a strongman, the heat of competition dissipated

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Ayodhya did not get a strongman, the heat of competition dissipated


By fielding its two-time MP Lallu Singh from Faizabad Lok Sabha seat of Uttar Pradesh, which also includes Ayodhya, BJP has once again brought down the electoral temperature in the city of Lord Ram.

BJP supporters had hope: Ayodhya will get veteran candidate

In fact, many circles of the party and its supporters were hopeful that the party high command would double down on the enthusiasm generated in the area by ending the five hundred years of wait for Lord Ram and his consecration at the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the grand temple. Will be given the gift of representation by a veteran candidate.

There was a possibility that PM Narendra Modi would contest elections from Ayodhya.

These people were also expressing the possibility that it may or may not happen that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself contests the elections from Ayodhya to give a special message to the countrymen. Undoubtedly, if this had happened, Ayodhya would have remained the most important dateline in the entire election. But, now those hoping for this are not only hopeless, but are also saying that the election season in Ayodhya will end even before it starts.

SP fields Dalit leader Awadhesh Prasad from Ayodhya

Till Lallu got his ticket, even the BJP and its strongest rival Samajwadi Party were feeling that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would field a tall candidate in Ayodhya. Under this possibility, he had long ago declared his veteran Dalit leader Awadhesh Prasad as his candidate for this seat and had also started his campaign.

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Awadhesh Prasad was a minister in all the SP governments of the state.

Awadhesh Prasad is the senior most Dalit leader of SP since its inception. Even when the SP-BSP alliance broke in 1993 after the Dalit-backward conflict deepened, he did not switch to the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), which was considered ‘of the Dalits’, and remained loyal to the SP. He has been a minister in all the SP governments of the state and now holds the number two position in it. Till now, he has been MLA nine times in total from Sohwal and Milkipur assembly seats of Faizabad Lok Sabha seat.

BJP’s claim: This time there is no challenge in Ayodhya

However, BJP claims that this time there is no challenge before it on this seat and it will make the prestigious Ramlala Lallu cross the electoral ocean without any effort. But its rivals are denying this and looking for possibilities in caste equations only.

SP hopes to make a dent in BJP’s backward and minority vote bank.

SP hopes that its Dalit candidate will spoil the game of BJP by adding Dalits to its backward and minority vote bank. BSP has made BJP’s Ambedkarnagar district unit president Sachchidanand Pandey ‘Sachin’ change sides and made him its candidate in the hope of Brahmin-Dalit unity.

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If the voters of these seats get angry, no one remains invincible.

However, if we talk about Ayodhya among the five assembly seats of this Lok Sabha seat, BJP has never lost this seat in recent decades except in 2012. But if the voters of Gosainganj, Bikapur, Milkipur and Rudauli assembly seats get angry, then their lead in Ayodhya will not remain invincible.

In 1989, CPI’s Mitrasen Yadav became MP of Faizabad.

On this basis, in 1989, CPI leader Mitrasen Yadav became the MP of Faizabad by defeating both BJP and Congress. He also won in 1998 and 2004. However, not CPI, once on SP and then on BSP ticket. Whatever may happen this time, but those who were already convinced that this year’s Lok Sabha election contest in grand and divine Ayodhya will also be grand and divine, they are still not happy with it being normal or traditional.


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