Tilkagarh village of Jharkhand, where there is a complete ban on buying and selling of liquor and handiya.

Tilkagarh village of Jharkhand, where there is a complete ban on buying and selling of liquor and handiya.

Tilkagarh village is an ideal for the people when the young generation is falling prey to drug addiction. It’s a topic of concern. This problem has spread not only in urban areas but also in villages. The youth who are intoxicated are not only ruining their own future, but are also ruining the future of the society, state and country. In such times, Tilkagarh village, a small village in East Singhbhum district, is an inspiration for any village.

Tilkagarh village follows the ideals of Tilka Manjhi.

Tilkagarh village in East Haludbani Panchayat of Jamshedpur block of East Singhbhum district has maintained a balance with modernity and tradition by adopting the ideals of Baba Tilka Manjhi. There is a complete ban on buying and selling of liquor and handiya. Every person in the village is bound by this rule and follows it literally. The good thing is that youth have the biggest role in ensuring that this rule is followed.

Campaign started in the 70s

In the 1970s, a campaign to ban drinking and selling of liquor and Hadiya was started in this village of East Singhbhum district. Even after two decades, this campaign continues as before. When this campaign was started, the population of Tilkagarh village was around 250-300. Today the population of this village has reached about three thousand.

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Hundred percent population in the village belongs to the tribal-indigenous community.

In this village with 100 per cent population of tribal community, every vice including gambling, liquor, murga pada (cock fighting) has been banned. Whether the rules are being followed in the village or not, it is monitored by Baba Tilka Manjhi Committee and Tilkagarh Gram Sabha.

Baba Tilka Manjhi is worshiped

Every year on 11 February, India’s first freedom fighter Baba Tilka Manjhi is worshiped in this village. The people of this village worship him like a god. For this reason the village has also been named Tilkagarh. People from the entire village participate in the puja. They resolve to follow the path shown by him. The new generation is made aware of the biographies of other great men including Baba Tilka Manjhi.

Archery competition is organized

Archery competition is organized every year on the birth anniversary of Baba Tilka Manjhi. For both men and women. Not only Tilkagarh, people from neighboring villages also participate in this. The people of Tilkagarh have committed their village to excellence in the fields of cleanliness, education and social support. There is an atmosphere of unity and cooperation, which plays an important role in the development of the village. Agriculture, industry and economic development are being promoted through local organizations.

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The aim is to get people out of drug addiction

The enlightened intellectuals of the village believe that drug addiction is destroying the society from within like termites. By the time people realize that drug addiction is very bad, it is too late. He believes that to keep the society away from drug addiction, education, communication and social organizations will have to play an active role. For this, some strictness is necessary. Therefore, the people of the village deal strictly with those who do not follow the rules of the village.

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