10 sneak peeks in World Cup 2023, know the details

10 sneak peeks in World Cup 2023, know the details

Pudhari Online Desk: The ODI World Cup 2023 saw many twists and turns. Sanghani, who was considered weak, won over the strong Sanghan. Whereas the defending champions, England, have witnessed a spectacular performance by all the cricket lovers. Or many Vikrams who competed turned out to be modified. Know what will happen in World Cup 2023….(World Cup 2023)

1. The impossible performance of the defending champions England…

Reigning champions England did not perform as well as expected in the 2023 World Cup. England emerged victorious in only 3 out of 9 competitions. England defeated Pakistan, Netherlands and Bangladesh or 3 federations. However, in all other circumstances, Sahebchya’s country had to face defeat. England, which is considered weak like Afghanistan, has become dirty and dusty. (World Cup 2023)

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2. Asiatoon Afghanistan or Rise of Navya Sangha

In the World Cup 2023, Afghanistan’s Sangha performed like ‘No Ghost’. Afghanistan achieved 8 points in the merit list by defeating England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Netherlands. Apart from this, he took a bitter stance against Australia. Afghanistan, through its achievements, proved the emergence of a new confederacy in Asia. Glenn Maxwell’s stormy double century led to Australia’s defeat. Australia’s defeat was a disaster and Afghanistan’s defeat was a shock.


3. Master blaster Vikram Modi of ‘Virat’

India’s star batsman Virat Kohli, who is competing in the World Cup, scored a century in the semi-final against New Zealand. Virat Kohli scored his 50th century in ODI cricket. Or master batsman Sachin Tendulkar’s Vishwavikram Modi was brought out by scoring a century. Specially, he modeled his Vikram in Sachin’s presence. Shivaay or the most aggressive Virat Kohli in the World Cup is Navavar.

ICC suspends Sri Lanka Cricket SLC following serious breach in obligations.  Cricket News – India TV

4. Sri Lankan Cricket Board dismissed and ICC action

Sri Lanka’s performance in the World Cup was disappointing. Meanwhile, after this the Sri Lanka Cricket Board would have been sacked. Only, the government intervened Sri Lanka Cricket Association. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has suspended the Sri Lankan association. Sri Lanka performed disappointingly in the ODI World Cup 2023. Sanghala 9 Packi was defeated in 7 Samanyas. Or after poor performance the Sri Lankan government decided to make major changes in the administration. Taking note of the government’s intervention, the ICC took action to suspend Sri Lankan Sanghavar. (World Cup 2023)

5. Pakistan Cricket Board resignation session begins due to poor performance

Unlike England and Sri Lanka, Pakistan does not do anything special in the Lahi or World Cup. Pakistan won only 4 out of 9 matches. Moreover, Afghanistan itself suffered defeat. Meanwhile, the resignation sessions started in the Pakistan Cricket Board during or after the World Cup. First of all, selection committee chairman Inzamam ul Haq resigned before concluding the World Cup. After this, bowling coach Morne Morkel took note of the excellent performance of the bowlers and resigned. Apart from that, Babar Azam has resigned from the post of captain in all three formats of cricket. (World Cup 2023)

Rohit Sharma: India captain sets extraordinary record in World Cup match against Afghanistan.  The Independent

6. ‘Rohit’ the king of sixes (World Cup 2023)

Rohit Sharma became the first batsman in World Cup history to hit 50 sixes. Rohit is the player who has hit most sixes in a World Cup. Apart from this, he also won the record of hitting most sixes in the World Cup. Therefore, Rohit has become the king of sixes in the World Cup. (World Cup 2023)

7. Memorable achievements of the Indian Union

Indian team’s final victory in the World Cup competition was given to all front by Jinkat. Also, India has won one-sidedly in all the competitions except the most recent one, New Zealand. All the players of the Indian team performed very well in the World Cup. Virat Kohli became the player with the most runs in the World Cup. Mohammad Shami has brought victory to his aggressive maarchy Zoravar Bharatala. (World Cup 2023)

8. Mohammed Shamichi historic performance (World Cup 2023)

Fast bowler Mohammed Shami became the country’s hero after India won the final of the ICC ODI World Cup. Wednesday (November 15) in the penultimate match played against New Zealand, Shamin Ekatya took seven wickets and gave Bharatala Netradeepak victory. He reached the top position in terms of taking most wickets in the World Cup. After his or Lakshvedhi’s performance, everyone is full of admiration for Shamichi’s struggle and hard work in life. (World Cup 2023)

Still believe in pitching it up and taking wickets': Shami |  Cricket - Hindustan Times

9. Glenn Maxwell hits a stormy double century

Maxwell’s double century was one of the best in the World Cup competition. Knowing that this is the time when his fifth World Cup winner Sanghawar has been defeated by Afghanistan and he needs to give Sangha a win to ensure his entry into the penultimate round, Maxwell stood out in the field of play. In fact, it would have been a full on carnal morass. However, still the field remained visible. His double century secured Australia’s semi-final ticket. (World Cup 2023)

World Cup 2023: Glenn Maxwell says he knew he could pull off miracle win against Afghanistan - India Today

10. South Africa again ‘chokers’ (World Cup 2023)

South Africans are known as chokers. Or the World Cup or Sangha has not been able to establish its identity. South Africa’s defeat against Australia in the semi-finals was accepted. Africa has performed extremely well in the league stages of many World Cup tournaments. Only, in the knock-outs of each tournament, Africa is on the way out.
(World Cup 2023)

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