15000 fans reached the stadium on the third day of IND vs ENG test match

15000 fans reached the stadium on the third day of IND vs ENG test match

IND vs ENG: The excitement of the fourth test match was at its peak on Sunday. Cricket lovers had a lot of fun at JSCA Stadium. The crowd was highest on Sunday. The excitement of bat-ball was such that people were seen standing at the ticket counter even after 2 o’clock in the afternoon. As soon as the tickets were received, the enthusiasm of the cricket lovers was doubling. The enthusiasm of Team India Sachin Tendulkar Sudhir’s fan and Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s fan hoisted the tricolor flag.

IND vs ENG: Noise from spectators at every wicket

When the English team was batting on the third day of the match, the spectators present in the stadium were continuously cheering the Indian team. The entire stadium would echo with noise at every wicket of England. Since Sunday was a holiday, the number of spectators was more than the previous two days. Officially, more than 15 thousand spectators were present in the stadium.

Former England captain Mike Atherton was reporting

Former England cricket team captain Mike Atherton was also present in the media box during the India-England Test match. Atherton, who has been a commentator after cricket, has reached Ranchi this time to report for an English newspaper.

When Gavaskar called Karthik to identify the photo

Ind vs eng: When Gavaskar called Karthik to identify the photo

During the match, Little Master Sunil Gavaskar, who was sitting in the commentary box, suddenly came out and stood in front of the old photo frame of Team India and started trying to identify each member of the team. Some players were recognized in this, but some were left wondering about one face. After this, Gavaskar again went to the commentary box and brought Dinesh Karthik with him. Asked Dinesh Karthik about the cricketers whom Gavaskar was not able to identify. Dinesh Karthik told him about all the cricketers. Also told that I am also in this photo. This picture is from 2005-07, when Greg Chappell was the head coach of Team India. It has pictures of legendary cricket players like Saurabh Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh.

About 2200 spectators have come to Ranchi from England.

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Ind vs Eng: Around 2200 spectators from England have come to Ranchi

England fans have also reached Ranchi. A JSCA official said that about 2200 cricket lovers have come to Ranchi from England. He is liking the weather of Ranchi a lot. Every evening everyone goes out for shopping on the main road.

Governor CP Radhakrishnan also enjoyed the match

Governor CP Radhakrishnan reached JSCA Stadium on Sunday to watch the ongoing fourth Test match between India and England. Also boosted the enthusiasm of the players. At Raj Bhavan, Divisional Railway Manager of South Eastern Railway, Ranchi, JS Bindra and Additional Railway Manager, Chakradharpur Vinay Kujur met the Governor. This was his courtesy call.

IND vs ENG: Tickets worth Rs 400 sold for Rs 800

Black marketing of tickets also took place on Sunday. After 10 am on Sunday, some people were selling tickets of Rs 400 for Rs 800 outside the counter. Some cricket lovers even bought tickets by paying double the money.

Used match pass sold for Rs 400

On Sunday, a young man became a victim of fraud. A local youth sold his used pass for Rs 400. When the young man who bought the pass reached the entry gate of the stadium, he was declared invalid. Security personnel said that this pass has already been used.

Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri like mutton, Anil Kumble eats simple food

Big cricket stars have come to Ranchi to do commentary. These players spend their entire day in commentary. During this time they eat food of their choice. Everyone’s preferences are different. Little Master Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri like mutton. Whereas Anil Kumble is fond of simple food and Dinesh Karthik is fond of fruits. Apart from this, RP Singh, Aakash Chopra and Nick Knight are also eating the food of their choice during the match. Sunil Gavaskar likes to eat roti with mutton. After this eat curd. Also likes to drink tea from time to time. Ravi Shastri likes all vegetables other than mutton. Former coach of Team India, Anil Kumble likes simple food, which includes roti and vegetables. They believe that we have to travel, hence we avoid spicy food. Whereas cricketer Aakash Chopra is completely vegetarian and eats light food. Whereas Dinesh Karthik likes fruits. RP Singh also likes simple food like Kumble, while England cricketer Nick Knight likes to eat pasta.

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