72 people from Mayurbhanj went to Delhi as the guests of President Draupadi Murmu, will stay and roam in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

72 people from Mayurbhanj went to Delhi as the guests of President Draupadi Murmu, will stay and roam in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Jamshedpur: There are many people in the country who leave or forget their soil, their village and their family after reaching high positions, but President Draupadi Murmu, even after reaching the highest position in the country, remains with her village, family and friends. She has not been able to forget the people of the village, who stood by her all the time or supported her. This is the reason why President Draupadi Murmu has called the entire group of 72 people from her backward village to Rashtrapati Bhavan. On Thursday, a group of people from President Draupadi Murmu’s ancestral village Dungurshahi in Mayurbhanj district and nearby villages left for New Delhi. A bogie of Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Rajdhani Express was booked for everyone from Tatanagar Railway Station.

Went to Delhi from Tatanagar Railway Station
All 72 people were brought from the village to Tatanagar railway station in an AC bus. From here he was sent to New Delhi. Everyone will stay at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi and tour Delhi. Most of the people in this are those who are traveling by train for the first time and enjoyed AC for the first time. These people looked very happy. He seemed happy with the opportunity to visit the country’s capital for the first time and the experience of staying in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

‘Common’ people of President’s village got ‘VIP’ treatment
All the people in the President’s village were ‘common’ people, but when he landed here, the railway officials and the policemen deployed for security made him feel like a ‘VIP’. The bus by which we came had a police car escorting it in front and behind and it was written on the bus that it was ‘Guest of the President of India’. When these people landed at the station, everyone from the Railway DSP to the GRP police station in-charge and Baghbeda police station in-charge himself were standing to welcome them. Employees were already deployed to pick up and carry everyone’s luggage. He was taken to the waiting hall of first class. During this period, excellent arrangements were made for their food and drink. All the railway officials remained engaged in welcoming him. Police forces were deployed at the railway station. Full care was taken to ensure that they do not face any kind of problem. After this, the officer boarded the Rajdhani Express with everyone and sent them off after making them sit on their seats.

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Family members and villagers were elated
People’s dream of going to Delhi as the President’s guest was coming true. They were beyond happy. Was also feeling proud.

Happy moment for us, feeling proud: Cenigo
Cenigo Marandi, a woman resident of Shyam Chandrapur, was also in this group. She said that she is going to Delhi for the first time. This is a very happy moment, which cannot be expressed in words. We are proud to have a woman President among us.

Proud moment: Malti
President’s family member Malti Manjhi said that this is a proud moment. There couldn’t be a better moment than this. Getting a chance to go as the guest of the President. The kind of arrangements made here are much better.

Because of our aunt, we became proud: Laxman
Draupadi Murmu, aunt of Laxman Manjhi, resident of Paharpur, is the President of the country. He told that it is a matter of pride. We always remain proud of the position she has reached. We consider her to be an incarnation of the Goddess.

Our grandmother is the identity of Odisha along with the village: Salkhu
Badampahar resident Salkhu Murmu said that Draupadi Murmu seems to be his grandmother. It is a happy moment that we are going to Rashtrapati Bhavan. This cannot be a matter of happiness. Our grandmother is the identity of not only our family, our village but the entire Odisha and it is a matter of pride for us.

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