Anushka publicly sledged Virat, then Kohli did not even leave his wife, see Virushka’s fun

Anushka publicly sledged Virat, then Kohli did not even leave his wife, see Virushka’s fun

New Delhi: Virat Kohli, the star batsman of the Indian cricket team, remains in discussion about his aggression. He collects a lot of headlines for his aggression. Kohli’s aggression is his strength. Recently, even during IPL 2023, King Kohli was in a very aggressive mode. This is what makes them different from others. At the same time, the video of an event is going viral, in which Virat is seen with his wife and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. In that video, Anushka is seen sledging Virat, on which Virat’s reaction is going viral.Anushka sled and King Kohli reacted like this

Actually, during the event, the host asks Bollywood star actress Anushka Sharma to sledge her husband Virat, on which Virat has to react. In such a situation, both stand on the stage and Virat is batting while Anushka is wicketkeeping. Standing from behind, Anushka tells Virat, ‘Come on Virat, today is 24th April, today is run banale’.

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After saying this, Anushka starts laughing by hugging Kohli from behind. After this, King Kohli replies to Sharma ji for his sledging and says, ‘I have as many matches as your team hasn’t scored in April, May, June, July’. Seeing this reaction of his, the crowd is clapping fiercely and after this, Virat and Anushka are also seen hugging each other.

IPL 2023 was great for Virat

IPL 2023 was a great one for former Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli. Lots of runs came out of his bat. Virat has scored 639 runs in 14 matches played in the 16th season of IPL, batting at an impressive average of 53.25, in which he has seen 2 centuries and 6 half-centuries with his bat. However, this season also RCB failed to win the glittering trophy of IPL. They were defeated by Gujarat Titans in a do-or-die match during the league stage, thus eliminating them from the playoff race.
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