Asia Cup Final: Who is the king of Asia? Team India ready to overcome five years of drought

Asia Cup Final: Who is the king of Asia?  Team India ready to overcome five years of drought

Colombo (Circle): The journey of the Asia Cup Cricket Tournament, which started in the rainy season to decide who is the king of Asia, has reached its final stage. The final fight for the title of winner will take place today (Sunday) between India and Sri Lanka. Team India has not won the title of a single tournament in the last five years, Rohit Sena will enter the field to end the drought of the book; On the other hand, Sri Lanka has got a big opportunity to regain its status at the international level. It will be entertaining to see who will become the king of Asia in the war between the two.

166 against 97

So far, 166 ODIs have been played between India and Sri Lanka, in which India has won 97. Apart from this, Sri Lanka has won 57 matches. The result of 11 samanyas was not revealed and 1 samanya was correctly resolved. Or in the Asia Cup, India defeated Sri Lanka by 41 runs in the Super Four.

Records of both the teams at Premadasa Stadium

37 ODIs have been played between India and Sri Lanka at the Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. In which India has won 18 times, while Sri Lanka has won 16 times. 3 fronts taken out are not applicable. Batting first in the match, India has won 11 times. Along with this, Sri Lanka, the first player, has achieved the fame of winning against India 11 times. While chasing the target, India scored 7 points in front. India would have finished last in all three formats of cricket in 2018, when Rohit Singh had defeated Bangladesh by three wickets in the Asia Cup in Dubai. Or after winning the title, India will not be able to keep its worldly status in an important match.

India would have reached the semi-finals in the 2019 ODI World Cup and 2022 T-20 World Cup. The team would have been defeated by New Zealand and Australia in the final matches of the 2019 and 2023 Test Championships respectively. Sri Lanka has been thinking that they have won the Asian Cup; But the competition itself would have been of T-20 format; But after that Sanghachi declined a lot. The country’s collapsing economy and corruption in the cricket board were the effective results of the Sangha. This year they had to play the eligibility rounds for the World Cup. But, compared to a few months ago, the Sangh looks much stronger than Tyavela. Therefore, the title of winner of the competition is a morale booster for them. But, today or in the final match, he felt the lack of spin bowler Mahish Tikshana.

India-Sri Lanka Satavyanda face to face in the final

The final encounter of the Asian Cup 2023 tournament will be held between India and Sri Lanka on Sunday (17 October). This match will be played at R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. India has become the first association to reach the final. After this, Sri Lanka defeated Pakistan in the Super Four and got the ticket to the title match. This is not the first time that India and Sri Lanka are facing each other in the final round of Asia Cup. Both the unions have come face to face 7 times in the last round. Or the first final encounter between the two would have been played in 1988. In which India would have won. In the 7 finals held so far between the two, India has maintained 4 winning positions. Also, Sri Lanka has faced only three-time winners against India. Or the second title clash between the two would have taken place in 1991, in which India would have won once again. After that, in 1995, India won the match again.

hat-trick from both sides

India won thrice by taking a hat-trick in the winners’ match played between India and Sri Lanka. After this, in 1997, 2004 and 2008, Sri Lanka recorded three consecutive final hat-tricks against India. However, after this, the last contest for the title between the two took place in 2010, in which India won and took the lead. Which union will win in the coming 2023? It will be interesting to see. Will there be equality between the two in the fight for the title of winner, will Bharat Aghadi be maintained?

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