Blue sky descended on Narendra Modi Stadium, the streets of Ahmedabad are filled with spectators wearing blue jerseys.

Blue sky descended on Narendra Modi Stadium, the streets of Ahmedabad are filled with spectators wearing blue jerseys.

Ahmedabad : The final match of the World Cup 2023 is being played between India and Australia at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Crowds of spectators in blue jerseys gathered to watch this great match. Groups of spectators started coming near the stadium since morning. The atmosphere became such that it seemed as if a completely blue sky had descended on the Narendra Modi Stadium. More than one lakh spectators are expected to come to watch this great match.

The streets of Ahmedabad became full of energy and enthusiasm

The buzz for this great match of the World Cup had reached its peak a day before and since the morning of the match, every road leading towards Motera was covered with a flood of blue colour. The eyes of the cricket world are fixed on the city of Ahmedabad, where the final match of the World Cup is being played between India and Australia. Since morning it seemed as if the entire city was moving in the same direction. The streets of Ahmedabad were filled with energy and enthusiasm.

Blue jersey on body and tricolor in hand

The fans moving towards Narendra Modi Stadium were wearing the blue jersey of Team India and had the national flag tricolor in their hands. They were moving forward in joy with the hope of India’s victory. The traffic was moving very slowly towards Motera, but it stopped after reaching near the stadium. If the VIP car parking level is not stuck on your vehicle, then you cannot move even an inch.

Security arrangements are very tight

Security arrangements have been made very tight in Ahmedabad, because Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles have also reached the stadium to watch the match. The city of Ahmedabad was ready for the final and it was decided that there would not be an inch of empty space in the Narendra Modi Stadium with a capacity of 1,32,000 spectators. Indian jerseys were being sold on every road leading to the stadium.

Jersey in the name of Virat, Rohit

Hetwick, a little fan of Hardik Pandya, wanted a jersey with Pandya written on the back, but he was disappointed. Qayamuddin, who was selling the jerseys, said that only jerseys with the names of Virat, Rohit, Maxwell and Warner are available. For Sheetal Ben, this final is a gift from God. Her husband is ill and she is earning her livelihood by doing odd jobs. He said that I have sold at least 200 to 260 jerseys with Virat Kohli’s name on them. Apart from this, I have sold 150 jerseys with Rohit’s name on them.

Big demand for Team India’s cap

He said that there is a huge demand for Team India caps also. During the match between India and Pakistan, I earned Rs 30,000 in three days. It will take me six months to earn this much after the tournament ends. Best wishes for Virat and Rohit. Because of them my house is running.

Spectators spent the night at the railway station

Hotel fares are also skyrocketing due to the final match. Some fans even spent the night in the waiting room of the Ahmedabad Railway Station because they did not have Rs 15,000 to spend a night in a hotel. This is one night’s fare for even the cheapest hotel. A fan said that everyone is washing hands in the flowing Sabarmati.

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