Cricket World Cup 2023: World Cup final satire, like letters from lover

Cricket World Cup 2023: World Cup final satire, like letters from lover

Cricket World Cup 2023: The Australian team defeated the Indian team by six wickets. PM Modi had come to watch the final match of the World Cup, this was the only match of the World Cup which the Indian team lost. Thus, it can be called a moral victory. Congress can say that PM Modi defeated the team and on the other hand BJP can say that to praise the performance of the Indian team, there is a strong need for those spokespersons of Congress, who can always declare their leaders as the best. . The Indian batsmen waited unsuccessfully for a four, just like ancient lovers used to wait unsuccessfully for a letter from their beloved.

R Ashwin was sitting outside and talking to Shami, Shami was tensed. R Ashwin was having fun – I have no responsibility if the team loses. Sometimes fun comes only when you are not a part of the team. KL Rahul said it very well. Of batting, that is, now Congress can claim that now Rahul from all sides is showing excellent performance. Shreyas Iyer was out early in this very important match. The condition of Iyer’s batting is somewhat like the performance of Bobby Deol, that is Have been successful some times also.

Rohit Sharma was out on 47, 3 runs before the half century, Rohit has been out on this score earlier also. Baba Jhusha of Pakistan told that he has tied Rohit Sharma’s score at 47. This is the same Baba Jhusha who had tied the entire Pakistani team and got them out of the tournament. All the nonsense on cricket is not only in cricket commentary, some It happens outside also. Pakistani commentators got a chance to be happy with this match. Pakistan is now one of those countries whose sorrows and happiness are completely dependent on others.

When Shubman Gill got out early, Rishabh Pant called – Brother, many skills are necessary, look at me, I am grazing the goat, I am picking up Rohit Bhai quickly. Brother, there is a public place in the stadium. Will sell Dhokla outside. Multi skills are necessary. . Let us congratulate you on your moral victory.

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