Diamond League Final: Neeraj Choprachi ‘Golden’ performance in ‘Diamond League’! Avaghya 0.44 cm won gold medal

Diamond League Final: Neeraj Choprachi ‘Golden’ performance in ‘Diamond League’!  Avaghya 0.44 cm won gold medal

Pudhari Online Desk: Diamond League Final: In the final round of Diamond League 2023, India’s star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra finished second. In this way he started considering it as a monetary solution. Czech Republic’s Jakub Vadlechen won the gold medal.

Neeraj Chopra would have won the gold medal in the World Athletics Championship held in Budapest last month. This would have been India’s first gold medal in the World Athletics Championship. Therefore, only in a prestigious competition like Diamond League Final, a gold medal would be expected. In the match or competition, he considered the solution to be a silver medal. Avaghya Avaghya 0.44 cm snatched her gold medal. Neeraj would have won the gold medal in last year’s Diamond League competition.

Neeraj Chopra started the Diamond League Final by fouling. A throw of 83.80 meters was a banana in just the second attempt. The last throw was his best throw. Neeraj committed another foul in his next four attempts and could not throw the javelin beyond 83.80 metres. The last step Neeraj did not come as per his expectations. He committed fouls on both attempts, and was disappointing on the remaining throws. Meanwhile, gold medalist Czech Republic’s Jacob Wadlecht made a throw of 85.86 meters in his first attempt. But in his last attempt he threw 84.24 meters and emerged victorious.

Neeraj Chopra Performance: (Neeraj Chopra)

First attempt: foul
Second attempt: 83.80 meters
Third attempt: 81.37 meters
Fourth attempt: foul
Fifth attempt: 80.74 meters
Sahava attempt: 80.90 meters

If Neerjala had achieved fame by becoming the winner of the Diamond League, he would have been the first Indian and only the third player in the world to do so. Half of the Czech republicans, Vitislav Veseli, served only in 2012 and 2013, while Jakub Vadlech served only in 2016 and 2017.

Competitive performance in Diamond League (Diamond League Final)

1. Jakub Wadlech (Czech Republic): 84.24 meters
2. Neeraj Chopra (India): 83.80 meters
3. Oliver Helander (Finland): 83.74 meters
4.Andrian Mardare (Moldova): 81.79 meters
5.Curtis Thompson (USA): 77.01 meters

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