Google moved forward by defeating the giants of mega search engines, started in 1998

Google moved forward by defeating the giants of mega search engines, started in 1998

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New Delhi . Google has become synonymous with search engine. It was launched in 1998, competing with names like Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, and AltaVista. Founded in 1994, Yahoo was the global leader in e-mail, online news, and search by the beginning of the 21st century. It quickly overtook rivals like Gmail and Hotmail in the display ad business, while its news aggregation lagged behind Facebook, Twitter and other digital channels. As most of its revenue came from selling advertising space, the company’s sales declined as its audience migrated to other platforms, The Straits Times reported. When the Internet was used primarily by academia and governments, Mosaic Communications The corporation launched Netscape Navigator, which became one of the first graphical web browsers, in 1994. However, as The Straits Times reports, Microsoft soon launched rival Internet Explorer, beginning a tussle for control of the browser market. Mosaic partnered with American web portal Excite to power its search engine. Netscape was acquired by America Online (AOL) in 1998. Although AOL officially discontinued Netscape Navigator in 2008, the open-source Mozilla project, founded on the code of the Netscape browser, continued, eventually creating the popular Firefox. Released the browser. Users of the now defunct Internet Explorer will remember MSN Search, which was Microsoft’s default search engine in the 1990s and 2000s. Launched in 1998, the service outsourced its search engine to several companies until Microsoft did not create its own web crawler. In 2009 it was rebranded as Windows Live Search and eventually Bing. That year, Microsoft and Yahoo announced a decade-long deal, which would The search engine was replaced by Bing. In 2023, Bing was revamped to include a new chatbot feature based on OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4, which helped it reach 100 million active users in March. In 1995 UltraVista was one of the first search engines to index a large amount of websites after its launch. According to the BBC report, this search engine was popular because it indexed almost 20 million webpages, beating its competitors and had fast There were computers that could return results faster. This software was created by computer scientists in the research lab of Digital Equipment Corporation. In 2001, the number of searches on Google overtook Ultra Vista, which at that time was among the top web destinations. After more than a decade, Yahoo discontinued the search engine along with several products in 2013, The Straits Times reported. The webcrawler was reportedly the first search engine that allowed users to search for any webpage. It allowed text searches in the Internet, a method that became common for major search engines. It was developed by University of Washington student Brian Pinkerton in his spare time and launched in 1994. The Straits Times said that The next year, AOL bought the webcrawler and added its arachnid mascot named Spidey. In 1996, the search engine was the second-most visited website on the Internet, the Washington Post reported. But less than two years later, the webcrawler It was later sold to Excite in 1997, which eventually went bankrupt. As the Straits Times reports, the webcrawler has changed hands several times and is still in existence today, making it one of the oldest surviving search engines. Washington Post In 1996, the search engine was the second most visited website on the Internet, the Straits Times reported. The website, known as Ask Jeeves, was founded in 1996 by technologist David Warthorn and venture capitalist Garrett Gruener. who dreamed up a service that could talk to people using natural language processing. According to The Atlantic, due to a lack of the necessary technology, the website, which was named after the fictional butler, was made up of a few words. Its domain was created on November 29, 1995. By 1999, the website was answering 1 million questions every day, according to the online magazine Mental Floss. As Ask Jeeves expanded in both size and popularity, trouble arose. For example, according to the online publication Engine Watch, as its query database expanded into the millions, some answers became less relevant. By the 2000s the company began to flounder, driving advertisers out of web development and causing the company to lose millions. According to Mental Floss, the website was reconfigured to be more search-oriented with third-party engines, and the company reported a profit in 2003 due to an ad revenue tie-up with Google. The Straits Times reports In 2005, it was purchased by New York-based Interactive Corp. The following year, Ask Jeeves was replaced by the more generic

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