If you want to use UPI abroad then know the easy solution.

If you want to use UPI abroad then know the easy solution.

In our country, the way people are using UPI extensively and completing any kind of transaction from their daily shopping very conveniently and easily, a lot of awareness can be seen everywhere. Not only educated and professional people are coming forward in the use of UPI, but you can also easily see UPI transactions happening at small shops, paan vendors, vegetable vendors, fruit vendors on street corners, but today we are here We are going to talk about how UPI transactions can be done not within the country but abroad.

What often happens is that when we go somewhere outside the country, there is a problem of online payment, so let us know in which countries you can easily use UPI and how you can do it.

First of all, let us know in which countries you get the facility to use UPI.

Let us tell you that first of all, if you are going to visit places like Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Bhutan, Oman, Nepal, France etc., then here you can easily do transactions through UPI, apart from this you can visit Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, In countries like Singapore, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc., transactions can be easily done using UPI. In future, India is working rapidly on the plan to make UPI work in United Kingdom, Australia, European countries and America also and hopefully, soon you will get to use UPI in these countries also.

It is important to make it clear here that to use UPI internationally, you can use only those banks which support UPI International.

Now let us know what is the process through which you can use UPI abroad?

For this, first of all you have to open the UPI app and click on your profile. Here you will see the option of payment settings where you have to go to UPI International and click. After this, you have to go to the bank you want to use in UPI International, press the activate button and then enter your UPI PIN number. From here your UPI International will start working.

Activate Google Pay like this

If you want to use Google Pay abroad, then first of all you have to open the Google Pay app and tap on the Scan QR. After this, you scan the QR code of any international business and after that enter whatever payment you want to make. After this, the next step is to choose the bank from which you want to make the payment. Here you will see a screen to activate UPI International and you will be able to make payments easily by activating UPI International from here.

– Vindhyavasini Singh

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