IND vs AUS Final: Eagerness… Third World Cup!

IND vs AUS Final: Eagerness… Third World Cup!

Ahmedabad, Circle Institute: In the end, a few hours… a few minutes… every moment increases the excitement for the Indian fans… the Indian fans are praying for the World Cup (IND vs AUS Final)… Aap Jinku na? Such a fearless moment, you never know that it is going to be a period of time… How to celebrate like this, a moment that will raise eyebrows… It will take away the dream of world victory… But a moment that will raise the mood of different emotions… Who is the Maharaja of cricket world? Or the moment to answer the question is near.

Today, the Indian Cricket Association will face five-time world champion Australia in the final match of the ICC ODI World Cup cricket tournament. In the match which will be held in the world’s largest Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad, the Indian team is ready to fulfill the dream of third world victory by defeating Australia in the presence of one lakh spectators. Kapil Dev in 1983 and Mahendra Singh Dhoni in 2011 would have made India the ICC One Day World Cup winners, today Mumbai boy i.e. Rohit Sharma will do the same, such a belief is not true in India. (IND vs AUS Final)

For the last one and a half months, cricket playing countries across the world have faced each other on different grounds in India. Some are in front, some are Harle. Finally, among all the countries, India and Australia have reached the final clash and today (Sunday 19 November) they will face each other for the title of World Cup winner at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

While on one day the arms of the Indian Union were being discussed, on the other hand, the leaders of India would not at all make the mistake of writing about the fact that Australia had attacked the world five times. Having reached the final round after winning the World Cup 8th title, Australia has fully prepared to face India, but neither Rohit Sena nor everyone has any doubt about it. Both Sanghanis practiced together throughout the day on Saturday. Ravichandran Ashwin practiced his bowling well during India’s optional warm-up session, hence there is a possibility that he will play in the Utdya match.

Road to Finale (IND vs AUS Final)

1) Australia won by 6 wickets
K.L. India won due to the participation of Rahul (97), Virat Kohli (85). K.L. Rahul – Saamveer

2) Afghanistan won by 8 wickets:
India won with 90 runs left due to Rohit Sharma’s (131) century. Captain Rohit Sharma – Saamveer

3)Pakistani 7 WicketsSni Harwale :
India’s penetrating bowling, Pakala 191 Dhavant Rokhle. Bumrah – Saamveer

4) Bangla Deshwar won by 7 wickets:
Virat Kohli’s (103) unbeaten century, India won by 51 runs. Virat Kohli – Saamveer.

5) New Zealander 4 wickets win :
Mohammed Shami took 5 wickets, New Zealand’s Namwale and Virat’s highest score was 95 runs. Mohammed Shami – Saamveer.

6) India won by 100 runs against England:
Shamichya 4 wickets, Rohit Sharma who scored 87 runs.

7) Sri Lankan 302 Dhavani Vijay:
Sri Lankan Avaghya 55, Dhavant Khurda, Samanveer Shamichya 5 wickets.

8) South African 243 Dhawani Harwale:
Virat Kohli’s century, D. Afrikela 83 Dhavant Gundalle. Saamveer Ravindra Jadeja 5 wickets.

9) Netherlands 160 raiders beat :
Shreyas Iyer (128), K. l. Rahul (102) scored centuries, India scored 410 runs. Shreyas Iyer-Samanveer

10) 70 runs victory over New Zealand in the semi-finals:
Virat’s 50th century, Shreyas’s 70th century, 105 runs. Samanveer Mohammad Shamichya 7 wickets.

Road to Finale (IND vs AUS Final)

1) 6 wickets defeat by India:
Australia 199 runs out. One-sided bunch of Warner (41), Smith (46). Josh Hazlewood’s 3 wickets.

2) South Africa defeated by 134 runs:
The. Africa scored 317 runs and Australia scored 177 runs.

3) Sri Lanka 5 wickets Sunny Harwale:
Marsh, Inglischi half-centuries, Samnaveer Adam Jhampache 4 wickets.

4) Pakistan over 62 runs victory:
David Warner (163), Mitchell Marsh (121) scored centuries and 259 runs scored. Warner – Saamveer

5) Netherlands 309 Dhawani Chirdle:
Centuries by Warner (104), Glenn Maxwell (106). Jhampachya 4 wickets.

6) New Zealander 5-run defeat:
In the World Cup, Australia won the match by 5 runs by 5 runs. Shatkaveer Travis Head – Saamnaveer.

7) England 33 Dhvani Harvale:
Australia won due to the collective performance of the bowlers. 21 runs out Adam Jhampa Samanaveer taking 3 wickets.

8) 3 wickets win over Afghanistan:
The Glenn Maxwell Show. Australia wins Maxwell’s double century. Samanveer – Maxwell

9) Bangla Deshwar 8 wicketsni Aramat Vijay :
Mitchell Marshchaya unbeaten 177 runs, 306 runs, 45 sixes, Gathale. Marsh- Samanveer.

10) South Africa lost by 3 wickets in the semi-finals:
Low score or 213 runs in the match, Australia was brilliant. Travis Head – Samanaveer

India-Pakistan rivalry!

There are total 11 pitches at Narendra Modi Stadium. According to the report given by the Indian Express, the final match to be held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad will be played on the same playing field as the India-Pakistan encounter last month. Yawar Kendula Kami Usilhi will be found. That is why there is a possibility that Khelpatti will support the spin. Pichvar chendu changa valel. In such a situation, the captain who wins the toss can decide to bat first. Because as the match progresses, it will become difficult to bat.

It rained in the final match..?

In view of the uncertainty of weather, ICC has kept Rakhi Day. If there is rain during the match, an attempt will be made to get the ball out as per Duckworth-Lewis rules.

Duckworth Lewis was not fired as per the rules and the match was completed on the remaining day. Wherever the match would have started, Tethoon will start again. If the match does not take place on the last day then the winner will be declared the winner on merit.

weather forecast

The weather in Ahmedabad will be clear on Sunday, the last evening. There will be no chance of rain at all. Temperature between 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. Havecha velocity 8 km. It’s so wonderful. The dew will spread in the evening and its results will also be visible. Due to which the second batsman or Sanghala can get the advantage.

Fake winner only 4 times winner

In the last 12 World Cups, the team that has won the final has emerged victorious only four times, while the team that has lost the game has emerged victorious for the eighth time.
India had previously won the World Cup in 1983 and 2011, but they would have lost the toss either time. India captain Sourav Ganguly bowled the toss in the 2003 final; But the encounter was just defeated.

India :

Stronghold: The attacking duo of Salamichi and the powerful midfield have been a force to be reckoned with and their competitive goaltending supremacy throughout the tournament. Has made 2920 raids in Indian competition. Due to this 48 wickets were lost. Gonaleet Bumrah, Siraj and Mohd. Shami’s fast bowling is proving to be a tough time for the anti-Trikut association. India has taken a total of 96 wickets to achieve ten victories in the tournament. There are total 8 Sanghana bananas.

Univ: Due to injury to Ashtapallu player Hardik Pandya, Sanghala Sahavya Golanchi’s Univ Bhasat is in charge. Apart from this, Mohammad Siraj is giving a lot of consistent runs in Gela. Yavar Sangh administration will have to be demolished.

Australia :

Stronghold: David Warner, Travis Head, Mitchell Marsh, Labuschagne are in charge of Australia’s victory. In particular, the Warner-head duo could be dangerous for a fiercely competitive association. Marnus Labuschagne is dedicated to providing Sanghala Teku. The octagonal Maxwell gives good balance to the structure. Fast bowling has always been Australia’s strong suit.

Univ: Australian batting and bowling lack consistency. Also, like India, they have come out with a single legspinner on the pitch who can help in spin bowling. For this, part time bowlers Maxwell and Travis Headwar are dependent.

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