IND vs AUS final pitch report: How good will be the pitch at Narendra Modi Stadium during the final match? ,

IND vs AUS final pitch report: How good will be the pitch at Narendra Modi Stadium during the final match?  ,

Pudhari Online Desk: Some time has passed since the World Cup finals. India will face Australia in the World Cup Final on Sunday, 19 November 2023 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.
(IND vs AUS final pitch report) Let us know about Kashi Asel Khepatti in the final match….

The world cup contender Narendra Modi stood in front of the stadium. The conditions have not been favorable for all four front batsmen. Australia scored the highest number of 286 runs in the match or on the field. Or the one who recites the call or will bring disgrace to England. England Dow 253 Running Autopla. Pathlaag Sanghane or Maidanwar Charpaky has three zincs in front. Merely looking at the back of the field or looking at the front, the Sanghan Pharsa doing the reading does not appear to be of any benefit. In the 30 ODI series, Sanghani batting first and Sanghani batting first have got 15 wickets each. The team batting second in the middle of the last ten innings has been in front. (IND vs AUS final pitch report)

Either there would have been a world cup competition or a field series between India and Pakistan. India chased down Pakistan’s target of 192 runs with seven wickets in hand and about 20 sixes remaining. IND vs AUS World Cup 2023 final pitch report

Statistics of ODI matches on Narendra Modi Stadium

  • Khelele Front: 30
  • The team batting first won: 15
  • Union batting second: 15
  • Overall average: 243
  • Average victory in first round: 253
  • Highest run score in first innings: 365
  • Most successful runner Pathalag: 325

world cup spinning board

Wicket spinner of Narendra Modi Stadium was known for helping the bowling. The average run rate in ODI cricket has been less than 5 runs per century in the last few years. However, in the recent times, especially during the IPL, the track has been heated faster and has helped in the run-up. The highest score at the stadium by South Africa against India in 2010 was 365/2. On that day, centuries by either Jacques Kallis or AB de Villiers would have been dazzling. (IND vs AUS final pitch report)

The playing field in Ahmedabad has helped in hosting the 2023 World Cup so far. Although fast bowlers have taken more wickets (35) than spin bowlers (22), the latter are extremely economical. Then Kipatu gives only 4.89 runs in one six. If wicketkeeper Adam Jhampane (3 wickets for 21 runs) gave trouble to England’s batsmen, then India’s Kuldeep Yadav (2 wickets for 35 runs) or batsman spinner Keet would have made Pakistan’s middle order laugh.

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