IND vs AUS WC Final: Rohit-Kaminsche photoshoot on the eve of the final

IND vs AUS WC Final: Rohit-Kaminsche photoshoot on the eve of the final

Pudhari Online Desk: World Cup 2023 final encounter on Sunday. 19th November Raji takes place between India and Australia. Ya samanyachya purvsandhyela both sanghchya darshanani photo session bananas. Indian captain Rohit Sharma and Australian captain Pat Cummins posed for photographs with the historic Varsasthalavar Trophy in Ahmedabad. (IND vs AUS WC Final)

The decision of Vishwachaskar Apalya Navachi Meher Konta Sangh Umtvinar will be taken on Sunday (Dec. 19). Australia has won the World Cup for the fifth time, while Team India has won both the titles. For the second time in the history of the World Cup, India and Australia will come face to face in the final round. Australia would have won the 2003 World Cup by defeating India.

Photoshoot in ‘Adalaj Ki Bawadi’ in Ahmedabad

Rohit and Cummins did a special photoshoot at Adalaj Stepwell or Adalaj Ki Stepwell in Ahmedabad. Rani Rudadevi would have tied the Vihir only in the memory of her husband. Vaghela kingdom chief Veersimhachi and his wife were murdered. At that time this campus was known as Dandai Desh. Asaichi always sprinkled water during his empire. Due to this, the people there have to depend on rainwater. (IND vs AUS WC Final) The inside temperature of the stepwell is always less than the outside temperature. Rana Veer Singh would have started the construction of his palace or Vihiri. Only, the Madhya Pradesh Sultan, the homeless Rana Veer Singh, attacked the king and killed Rana Veer Singh bravely.

The Sultan was attracted by the homeless queen Rudadevi Yanchya Soundarya and proposed marriage. Tyani insisted on completing the construction work at Vihiriche. The Sultan paid a visit to Vihiriche for full bananas, after which he sacrificed his life in the same Vihiriche Udi Maroon. History of Adalaj Payari Vihiri Jari Dukhacha Asla Tari or Payari Vihiri has made incomparable contributions to water management. It is believed that at Gavkari, water is used for bathing and worshiping Gods and Goddesses. Or there are graves of laborers next to them, because Sultan would have committed murder after tying the pyri vihir. There would be such an incomparable request that such an amazing couple would be born in another brothel.

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