IPL 2024, MI captaincy row: Rohit Sharma will be the captain of Mumbai again: Major Cricketer’s claim

IPL 2024, MI captaincy row: Rohit Sharma will be the captain of Mumbai again: Major Cricketer’s claim


Pudhari Online Desk: However, with the competitive situation in the Indian Premier League (IPL 2024), the discussion about changing the captaincy of Mumbai Indians has also started. Rohit Sharma wants to give the post of captain to Hardik Pandya, who is making a fuss. Yavarun social media sa maidan tahi chahatyaan raada suruch hai. Come Monday, 1st April, after the defeat against Rajasthan Royals, the post of captain of Mumbai may be handed over to Rohit Sharma, the former batsman of the Indian Cricket Association has started a new discussion by claiming that. (IPL 2024, MI captaincy row)

Under Rohit Sharma’s leadership, Mumbai’s Sanghane would have had its stamp of approval for the fifth IPL season. Only Yandachaaya ruckus, Sangha under the leadership of Ashtapaillu Hardik Pandya has started facing three consecutive defeats. Pandyakade, who was the leader of Gujarat Sangha, took over the leadership of Mumbai. Pandya would have won the IPL title in Gujarat Sanghala 2022. By mid-2023, a Tayachya led Gujarat would have made a strong run till the last round. (IPL 2024, MI captaincy row)

IPL 2024: Mumbai Indians owners do not look ahead while taking decisions…

Team India’s former batsman Manoj Tiwari while speaking on ‘Cricbuzz’ said, “Whether it is ‘IPL’ or the season, Mumbai or the league has got off to a bad start. Therefore, Rohitla can once again become the leader of Mumbai Sangh. It is understood that the owners of Mumbai Indians are not looking forward to taking decisions. Despite Rohit having won five IPL titles for him, he would have removed the captaincy from Rohit and given him a contract under Hardik Pandya.” (IPL 2024, MI captaincy row)

Changing the captain when the competition starts is a big challenge. Or the weather in Mumbai or Sanghacha Navavar does not yield the same qualities. The position of captain is a big responsibility, said Tiwari Manala.

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