IPL 2024 Schedule: Big change in IPL schedule! ‘Or’ changed the date in front

IPL 2024 Schedule: Big change in IPL schedule!  ‘Or’ changed the date in front


Pudhari Online Desk: IPL 2024 Schedule: There is a big change in the schedule of IPL 2024. Due to this, both front and four unions have been affected. BCCI has changed the dates of both the big fronts. On Tuesday, the board announced new schedules for both the events. Kolkata Knight Riders against Rajasthan Royals and Gujarat Titans against Delhi Capitals will not be played as per schedule. The match between KKR and Rajasthan will be half a day. The confrontation between Gujarat and Delhi is going to happen one day.

The series final clash between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders was to be played at Eden Gardens on 17th April, which will be played a day later i.e. on 16th April. Rajasthan Union is at the top position in the first three zinc quality tables. Whereas Shreyas Iyer of Kolkata is at the second position with Jinkle Asun in front of both the starters. The change in schedule has resulted in not only Rajasthan and Kolkata Sanghvanchar Jhala but also Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals or Sanghvanharhi Jhala. (IPL 2024 Schedule)

17th April: Face off between Gujarat and Delhi

The match between Gujarat and Delhi was supposed to take place in Ahmedabad on 16th April, but after the schedule of the match between KKR and Rajasthan was changed, the match between Gujarat and Delhi has been postponed by a day. That means come 17th April there will be a fight between the two. (IPL 2024 Schedule)

Actually, 17th April is Ram Navami and hence it would have been difficult to provide general security. BCCI and Cricket Association of Bengal were in constant contact with Kolkata Police. Borda then decided to postpone the match between Kolkata and Rajasthan by half a day.


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