Leopard ran away after killing a pig in Sonari, Forest Department collected the sample

Leopard ran away after killing a pig in Sonari, Forest Department collected the sample


The news of leopard coming out of Kadma Biodiversity Park in Jamshedpur, district headquarters of East Singhbhum and coming to the North Layout of Sonari has once again created a stir. Local people have said that after killing a pig, the leopard escaped and passed through Carmel School.

Forest department team arrived after receiving information

This incident is said to have happened around 3 to 4 in the night. The forest department team arrived after receiving the information. After this, the sample of the dead pig was collected there and then the footprints and some hair of the animal were collected there. After this the team took him away. It is being investigated whether it was actually a leopard or something else.

Big animal seen coming in CCTV

CCTV footage has also been scrutinized. In the CCTV footage, a big animal is seen coming at one place. A pig was found dead in the garden of Ramchandra Prajapati of North Layout. Ramchandra Prajapati told that in the morning he came out of the house in the courtyard and went towards the front and saw that a dead pig was lying there. Part of the pig’s front leg is left. The middle part is eaten.

There was a sound like a stampede at 4 in the morning

Ramchandra Prajapati told that it was not possible that any more animal would come. By the way, at four in the morning there was definitely a sound like a stampede. He told who ate the middle part. No dog can eat that. Whereas Anil Kumar Pandit said that only leopard has eaten.

Dogs have been here for years, pigs have been here too

No one else can do this, because dogs and pigs have been here for so many years. This is the first incident, it should be investigated. It was reported that he was also seen leaving the graveyard adjacent to Carmel School at around four in the morning. However, the Forest Department is denying these things.

No leopard in Sonari incident, avoid rumors: DFO

DFO Mamta Priyadarshi said that there was no leopard involved in the Sonari incident. Dogs can also bite. Its sample has just been taken. Investigation is being done, but at first glance it does not seem that there would be leopards. Let the investigation be done now, everything will be revealed. But people should avoid rumours.


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