Meta joins hands with PTI, now misinformation will be investigated

Meta joins hands with PTI, now misinformation will be investigated

Meta Collab with PTI: These days, Meta has also become very active regarding misleading content and misinformation. Meta has joined hands with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Threads along with Press Trust of India (PTI) to fact-check misleading content and misinformation.

Let us tell you that after this partnership, PTI will become an independent fact-checker for the company and will help in identifying, reviewing and rating misinformation. With this move, Meta has now partnered with 12 fact checking agencies in India and covers content in 16 Indian languages.

In a press release on April 1, Meta announced the partnership and said, “Today, we are expanding our third-party fact check program in India to include the Press Trust of India (PTI) , which will enable PTI to identify, review and evaluate content as misinformation on the Meta platform.

With this partnership, Meta now has 12 fact-checking partners in India, including AFP-Hub, The Quint, Newschecker, India Today Fact Check, Factly and others. The social media giant said this has now made India the country with the highest number of third party fact check partners on Meta globally.

For your information, the company also has extensive coverage on regional language content, with partners covering 16 Indian languages ​​apart from English, which include Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and more. .

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