MS Dhoni: …then Dhoni is locked in the final?

MS Dhoni: …then Dhoni is locked in the final?

Mumbai; Circle Organization: The first qualifier of the IPL 2023 play-offs would have been between defending champions Gujarat Titans and four-time champions Chennai Super Kings. Chennai defeating Gujarat by 15 runs would have been a heart-wrenching final game. Only, or in the match Chennai captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni would have done a controversial act. This may result in Dhoni’s final game. (MS Dhoni)

The 12th century stoner would have gone off the field for 8 minutes while Gujarat Titans were batting. So Parat Alyavar Dhoni allowed him to hit his 16th century. Only, there was an argument between Yavarunch Dhoni and the umpires. That’s why the confrontation stopped for a long time. Dhoni was also in no mood to agree. So he kept arguing with the umpires. At last Pathiran hit his 16th century. (MS Dhoni)

The rules of IPL say that if a player goes out of the ground for treatment of injury or for other reasons. After that, after coming to the layer, the more time you spend outside, the more time you spend in the ground. After that I can bowl. That’s why Dhoni took time to argue, faced time (4 minutes) Rokhoon Dharla and took the 16th century by throwing Pathiranakadunch.

Did Dhoni violate the rules?

Dhoni did not violate the rules, it is not clear yet. According to Rule 41.9, the CSKela Jhar Shiksha Dekhi Jhali Tar Jo Vel Fieldingchyavegi Via Ghavalanyata Aala. According to the rules, the fielding umpires can give instructions to Sanghala. Sanghvar 5 runners can be penalized if they make a mistake intentionally and if they feel that they have made such a mistake in another way. That is, the umpires have to decide whether Sangane broke the rules or not.

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