“Overconfidence kills you…”: Team India vs Pakistan’s former cricketer Shahid Afridi Bochari Tika

“Overconfidence kills you…”: Team India vs Pakistan’s former cricketer Shahid Afridi Bochari Tika

Pudhari Online Desk: World Cup 2023: In the final round, Australia faced Team India’s 6-game defeat. The country’s cricket-loving captain Rohit Sharma and Team India, whether it is the World Cup finalist, are proud of their competitive performance. Only after India’s defeat, Pakistan’s famous cricketers are enjoying. Pakistan’s former cricketer Shahid Afridi means Team India and Chahatyawar Bochri Tika Kelly.

Shahid Afridi: Overconfidence kills your life…

Shahid Afridi said while speaking on Sama TV in Pakistan, “When you win continuously, your overconfidence increases a lot. That’s why the thing takes your life.” Indian team got the ticket to the final of Jinkun 2023 World Cup by winning 10 consecutive matches. Team India’s performance under the leadership of Rohit Sharma was strong and the Indian team went on to assert supremacy in every major league.

Indian Cricket Chahatyanvarhi Comment

Afridi is a fan of Indian cricket, Tika Kelly, Indian cricket fans did not appreciate the strong performance of Australian batsman Travis Head. I think we have all faced this because of our actions. “Whether we scored a four, a century or scored a wicket, we did not get any response from the Indian audience.”

Only when Australia’s Travis Hayden scored a century in the last ODI on Sunday, the Indians would have calmed down. A sports-loving country admires every athlete and his efforts; But as a well-educated Indian observer does not do. The observers thought that a century would have been huge and at least some people would have stood up for it and applauded it, thus the Indian fans commented.

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