Patharchatta is a panacea not only for stones but also for these diseases.

Patharchatta is a panacea not only for stones but also for these diseases.


Patharchatta Leaf Benefits: You must have heard about Patharchatta. But do you know about its benefits? Today through this article we will tell about the leaves of Patharchatta. Actually, many bioactive properties are found in Patharchatta, such as alkaloids, cardienolides, antibacterial, antifungal and many types of antioxidants, which not only help in protecting the body from stones but also from many diseases. Let us know what other diseases apart from stones, Patharchatta is useful and how to eat its leaves.

Which disease can be cured by Patharchatta?

beneficial in arthritis
Patharchatta is not only beneficial for stones but by eating it one can get relief from arthritis and joint pain. Because the analgesic properties present in it can help in reducing inflammation in our body. If someone is suffering from arthritis then such people should consume Patharchatta.

beneficial in stones
People who have kidney stones must consume Patharchatta. Because the saponin in it has the highest ability to break calcium oxalate crystals. Eating stones can reduce stones and also keeps the kidneys healthy.

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in reducing diabetes
Consuming Patharchatta keeps diabetes under control. Because a bioactive compound called Phenyl Alkyl Ether is found in it which stimulates the production of insulin present in our body. Due to which the sugar level remains under control.

How to consume Patharchatta leaves
If you are wondering how to consume Patharchatta leaves, then let us tell you that first boil its leaves thoroughly in water and add black salt as per taste. After this, leave it to cool and filter it and drink it while sitting comfortably. Apart from this, if you want, grind the leaves of Patharchatta and then consume it.

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