Rahul-Rohit alliance: A relationship built on trust, respect, shared dreams!

Rahul-Rohit alliance: A relationship built on trust, respect, shared dreams!

Mumbai (Uttam Hindu News): Apart from the excellent form and sensational performances of the top players, one of the reasons for the tremendous success of the Indian cricket team in the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023 is also the management team of coach Rahul Dravid and captain Rohit Sharma. Rohit has made things possible for India so far.

With Dravid leading the way from the background and Rohit Sharma executing the plans on the field, India have set a record by winning 10 consecutive matches to enter the final, where they will face five-time winners Australia in Ahmedabad on Sunday.

One only has to attend regular press conferences and watch the interviews given by both Indian captain Rohit Sharma and head coach Rahul Dravid to understand the kind of relationship they have in the Indian cricket team.

It is this symbiotic relationship of camaraderie, mutual respect and admiration that helped them unite as a team that defeated stronger opponents with ease and setting all the winning records in the World Cup finals. When they face five-time champions Australia in Ahmedabad on Sunday, they themselves will become strong contenders to win the title.

The two have mutual respect and never shy away from talking about it, with both always ready to give each other credit and regularly maintaining communication channels between themselves and the players. But the most important aspect of their combination is that both of them appear to be on the same page when it comes to deciding how the Indian team should execute its game on the field.

Just ahead of India’s semi-final clash with New Zealand, the India captain had credited head coach Rahul Dravid for supporting the players immensely when they were away from the game due to injuries, both in the build-up phase and in the run-up to the event. Even during. ,

Rohit said in the pre-match press conference before the semi-final with New Zealand, “As a captain, if you have decided that you want to play like this then you should have clarity. You have to support the players a lot. We have supported some players to whom we have given certain roles. We will support the players and stand with them. We have to give credit to Rahul Dravid that he implemented that idea and did not procrastinate too much when things did not work out. We will continue to do so in the future also. Clarity in roles and giving freedom to people. ,

Dravid, on his part, praised Rohit for his leadership and aggressive batting which has reduced the pressure on fellow opener Shubman Gill and the middle order.

“Rohit has definitely been a leader, you know, there is no doubt about that. Dravid said, “I think he has set an example both on and off the field.”

“Some of the starts they have given us, the way they have cracked open games for us. There have been times when people have seen one, I mean, I can’t go into specific matches, I’m sure you’ve seen it, but there have been some matches where it might have been difficult, but the fact is that he Capable of getting the kind of start that has really opened up the match.

Dravid said about Rohit in the pre-match press conference, “So, in the end, it looks really easy, but as a coaching staff, when we looked at it, we realized that his innings had a lot to do with it. “Kind of had an impact on the matches, made it look easier for us and certainly made it easier for people following in that department.”

Under the Rohit Sharma-Rahul Dravid management, India built a strong team with a certain philosophy and playing style and they have been testing and combining players who fit those roles over the last few years.

The relationship between Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma started when the Mumbai batsman made his India debut under the captaincy of the Karnataka legend and blossomed when he stayed at the National Cricket Academy (NCA), of which Dravid was the boss. This was strengthened after Dravid became the head coach in November 2021 and Rohit took over from Virat Kohli soon after.

This has been promoted over the years as they have been involved in building a strong Indian team, selecting players, assigning them specific roles and then supporting them until they become successful.

They both have opposite personalities – Dravid is considered to be very serious with a dark sense of humour, having built his reputation by following a strong technique coupled with hard work, while Rohit Sharma is of a calm nature and has played the role of one of the world’s leading batsmen. Has developed his immense talent as an ODI batsman.

Both enjoy working with each other as they share the same philosophy when it comes to the Indian cricket team.

“As far as Rahul bhai is concerned, I have a lot of respect for him, first of all as a person and then obviously as a cricketer. He does not want any communication gap between the players, support staff or anyone else in this matter. Their number one rule is that whatever happens will be communicated to the person concerned. Our relationship is open, we keep talking about things and players.” “I really enjoyed my time with him,” Rohit said in a recent interview with a YouTube channel.

The main reason for his success is that while he is mostly serious and studious in nature, Dravid gives Rohit Sharma a chance to express himself as a batsman and captain.

The Indian captain once said, “It is great to work with Rahul bhai (Dravid). We know how he has played his cricket, through hard work. There is also a feeling of comfort. It is important to keep the atmosphere on the field light and pleasant. When you do your work on the field which is very difficult, you need an environment where you can relax. ,

The 2023 ICC Men’s World Cup is where the cricket world truly experienced the true power of this combination. If they manage to lead India to the title win in the final against Australia in Ahmedabad on Sunday, the Rahul Dravid-Rohit Sharma duo will achieve their first big target. His next goal will be to help the Indian team cross boundaries and repeat the success in other formats.

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