U-19 Cricket WC Final: ‘Harakiri’ repeated..! Cricket U 19 World Cup: Australia wins, India becomes runner up

U-19 Cricket WC Final: ‘Harakiri’ repeated..!  Cricket U 19 World Cup: Australia wins, India becomes runner up

Pudhari Online Desk: 19 November 2023 is the date that every Indian cricket lover remembers. The reason is the same or that day the dream of winning the world cup cricket competition of crores of Indians would have been shattered. The Australian Federation would have been a force to be reckoned with. Today (Dec. 11) the Harakirichi incident was repeated again in South Africa. In the U19 World Cup 2024 final, Australia defeated India by 79 runs. Once again, India won the first ever Indian Cricket U-19 World Cup, or the expectations were shattered. (U-19 Cricket WC Final) Nanefek Jinkoon Batting first, Australia scored 253 runs with 50 sixes and seven wickets. In response, Indian Union 43.5 sixes, 174 runs, Garad Jhala.

Kangaroo’s dreams have been shattered for the third time in a year. This is Australia’s fourth winning title in the Under-19 World Cup. Otherwise, he would have won the title in 1988, 2002 and 2010. Australia has won the Under-19 World Cup after 14 years. India is champion five times. He would have won the title in 2000, 2008, 2012, 2018 and 2022. Yes, Australia has ruined India’s intention to win the second consecutive Under-19 World Cup. Till now only Pakistan has won both the Under-19 World Cups consecutively. It was bananas in 2004 and 2006.

While reading the call given by Australia, the Indian attack got off to a bad start. Bharatala in the form of Kulkarni got the first blow in Samanya’s third over. After this, Indian batsmen started leaving after regular intervals. Adarsh ​​Singh scored the maximum 47 runs for India. Along with him, Murgan Abhishek played 42 runs. Without him, Indian batsmen would not have been able to last long on the field.

In bowling, Australia’s Ralph McMillan and Mahil Beardman took 3 wickets each. Along with him, Callum Vidler took 2 wickets, Charlie Anderson and Tom Straker took 1 wicket each.

australian batting

Nanafek Jinkoon Australia got off to a bad start after batting first. Australia’s first blow came in Samanya’s third over. He was clean bowled by India’s fast bowler Raj Limbani. Bhopalahi, the runner in the bag playing with his eight balls, is not going to break it. Due to disciplined bowling by the Indian bowlers in the first 10 overs of the match, Australia did not suffer much. Australia scored 44 runs losing 1 wicket in 10 overs of the match.

Naman Tiwari’s double blast

After the first wicket was taken in the third over, the Australian batsmen played cautiously and kept moving the track board. Australia skipper Wyatt scored both half-centuries in Samanya’s 21st over. Salute to Tiwari after 48 runs. Dixon and Wybgen made a 78-run partnership for the second wicket, resulting in another blow for Australia. Harry Dixon perished after making 42 runs. In the 23rd over of Samanya, Naman Tiwari bowled out Murugan Abhishekkarvi.

Raj Limbani bowled the first ball of the 35th over of the match after Ryan Hixla. He scored 20 runs in his game. Harjas Singh and Hicks made a 66-run partnership for the fourth wicket. After Harry, Harjas Singh and Hicks played patiently and added 66 runs for the fourth wicket. Samanya’s first over in the 35th over was bowler Raj Limbani after Ryan Hixla. So after 20 raids, Jhala came.

Whenever wickets were falling on one side, Singh would always play aggressively on one side. He scored 55 runs out of 64 balls he played. In this he hit 3 fours and 3 sixes. Bananas after Saumya Pandya. After Harjas’s single, Rafe McLean came to bat and got 2 runs out. He had to eat Mushir bananas.

Charlie Anderson suffered Australia’s seventh blow. So after 18 runs, 13 runs were made in the pavilion. Raj Limbani Tyala Baad Banana. Australia scored 253 runs losing 7 wickets in 51 overs. The target is 254 runs to win the Bharathala encounter.

Raj Limbani took maximum 3 wickets in bowling for India. Meanwhile, Naman Tiwari took 2 wickets. Along with this, Pandye and Musheer Khan took 1 wicket each.

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