Who is Wazma Ayubi? Know why Afghan fan girl is in discussion in World Cup

Who is Wazma Ayubi?  Know why Afghan fan girl is in discussion in World Cup

New Delhi (Uttam Hindu News): The Indian cricket team has shown its dominance in the ongoing World Cup. India won first in the league matches and then in the semi-finals against New Zealand. Amidst the joy of Rohit and Company’s victory, suddenly all the attention turned towards Afghan fan Wazma Ayubi, who is captivating the hearts of millions of people with her style. His support and unwavering enthusiasm for the game has created a stir on social media. Due to which many people have become his fans and are curious to know things related to him.

Ayubi has been one of the star attractions of the ongoing ICC ODI World Cup 2023. Earlier, she was also seen in the Asia Cup held this year. Ayubi, who is a businesswoman based in Dubai. Not only a cricket fan, but also a celebrity in the fields of business, influence and activism. His bio on X tells a lot about his passion. That includes everything from real estate to her advocacy for sustainable and ethical fashion and her strong commitment to “destroying the patriarchy.”

Apart from supporting his team, Ayubi has supported the Indian cricket team. She has also become a fan of India’s leading fast bowler Mohammed Shami. His recent posts on X indicate his presence in India. Where she is completely immersed in the excitement of the ODI World Cup matches with the Afghanistan team. His social media is full of videos capturing his excitement from the stadium and enthusiastically supporting the Afghan players during these exciting fixtures.

Ayubi recently congratulated Mohammed Shami for his remarkable performance during the semi-final against New Zealand. He wrote on Twitter after the India vs New Zealand semi-final, “OMG, 7 wickets! What an impact and what a cricketer #MohammadShami, congratulations to Team India. He also expressed happiness over Shami’s exceptional performance against England in the league stage match, where the fast bowler took 4 wickets in India’s 100-run win. He tweeted, “What a player Shami is.”

Ahead of India’s match against Bangladesh during the Asia Cup 2023, Ayubi wore the jersey worn by Virat Kohli during the 2022 tournament. Adding a unique touch, the jersey was not just a memorabilia but was signed by the Indian cricket icon himself. Sharing the pictures, she wrote, “The jersey I am wearing to support my favorite team is the jersey King Virat Kohli himself wore in the India vs Afghanistan match in the Asia Cup. It also has his signature on it.”

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