10 years…ICC10 trophy…zero win title! Team India’s unbroken series of victories

10 years…ICC10 trophy…zero win title!  Team India’s unbroken series of victories

Pudhari Online Desk: Team India and ICC event ‘Punha Ekda Harlo…’ has always been a sentence for cricket lovers across the country. (ICC World Cup 2023 Final) The reasons are the same, the reason why India has emerged victorious in the last 10 tournaments organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) has been in disgrace. Team India, while performing excellently in other cricket ODI and Test championships, continues to struggle for victory in ICC organized competitions. Know about the performance of Team India in the last ten years or competitions….

Year 2014: ICC T-20 World Cup

The ICC T-20 World Cup competition would have been held in Bangladesh in mid-2014. Or the strong performance of competitive India from the beginning. Five commons out of 6 commons of India are Vijay Jhala. Would. India would have struck in the last round by defeating South Africa in the final round. Coming to Team India’s second ICC T-20 World Cup (Team India would have won the T-20 World Cup in mid-2007), Jinkar would have expressed such confidence along with the players. Only in the final match held at Mirpur, Sri Lanka would have defeated India by 6 wickets. Jinkany’s dream of becoming the Indian T-20 World Cup winner again would have been shattered.

Team India and ICC event: 2015 ICC One-Day World Cup

Team India and ICC event: Year 2015: ICC One-Day World Cup

The 2015 ICC ODI World Cup was jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. It was in this competition that India got off to a flying start. Team India won the competitive all-six series and the big-headed men entered the penultimate round. Had India defeated Bangladesh in the penultimate round, it would have hit the penultimate round. Out of the 8 commoners in the competition, 7 would have entered in front of Jinkat Bharatiya. Sangha’s performance started on a strong note, but in the penultimate round Punha players took a naked strike and Australia were defeated by 95 runs. Or the defeated Kotyavadhi cricket lover Punha Hirmud Jhala. Or Australia would have thrashed the World Cup by defeating New Zealand’s 7-yard batsman in the final round of the World Cup.

Year 2016: ICC T-20 World Cup

The ICC T-20 2016 World Cup competition would have been held in India from March 8 to April 3. This would have been the first T-20 World Cup competition to be held in India. Or the competition would have started with India’s series defeat against New Zealand. Only after this, the penultimate round would have been a blast with three consecutive victories. Only West Indies would have defeated India by 7 wickets in the penultimate match. Indian batsman Virat Kohli was declared as the best player of the tournament.

Team India and ICC event : Year 2017 : ICC Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy would have been hosted by England and Wales in 2017. Or the performance of the competing team India from the beginning would have been like that of champions. India stormed to victory in the finals of the series. The penultimate round would have been the last general blow, defeating Bangladesh. Only in the last match, Pakistan batted first and scored 338 runs. Or while pursuing a big target, the Indian team scored only 158 runs. Pakistan won by scoring 180 runs. The final round defeat in the Champions Trophy proved to be a costly blow for Indian cricket fans.

Year 2019: ICC One-Day World Cup

Team India and ICC event

The ICC One-Day World Cup would have been held between England and Wales in mid-2019. Or India would have won 7 out of 10 teams competing. Both normals would have been defeated and one would have remained undecided. Yet in the end they suffered a defeat against New Zealand. Or else, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s running back would have been decisive and India’s dream of becoming a world champion again would have been dashed.

2019-21 Test World Cup

ICC organized the 2019-21 Test World Cup for the first time. It would have started in mid or early July 2019. Or the competition would have consisted of 12-pack-9 Test matches across countries. Each union played 8 packs against 6 unions, 3 indigenous and 3 foreign on the field. At the end of the competition, the top two teams in terms of quality would face each other in the final match in England for the title. In the same competition, Team India performed brilliantly. India achieved 12 victories out of 17 in the first World Test Championship. The final match was played between New Zealand and Southampton at Roj Bol ground from 18-22 June 2021. Also, a Rakhi day was kept for the last rites. In the final match, New Zealand defeated India by 8 wickets.

Team India and ICC event : Year 2021 : T20 World Cup competition

Team India and ICC event

The T20 2021 World Cup was played in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The actual competition would have taken place in 2020, but it was postponed due to the Corona crisis. After all, due to the concern about Corona in India, the competition has been decided in UAE. Or the competing team India would have had a bad start. Started facing two consecutive defeats. One of these defeats would have been against Pakistan. After that, Team Indiala did not reach the penultimate stage only after winning three victories.

Team India and ICC event: Year 2022: T20 World Cup

Team India and ICC event

The 2022 T20 World Cup would have been hosted by Australia. India 6 in front hit Jinkat in the penultimate round. Only in the last days did the English League begin to face insurmountable defeats.

Year: 2021-23 Test World Cup

Out of 19 Test matches in the 2021-23 Test World Cup, India would have lost 10 wins and 6 wins. The remaining three tests would have remained inconclusive. India, who was in trouble at the top spot, made the final international blow. The final encounter took place between Australia and India in London. Only India lost its last match by 209 runs and once again world champion Swapan Bhangale lost the match.

Team India and ICC event Year: 2023 One-Day World Cup

Team India and ICC event

Yandachi World Cup competition was successfully concluded in India. Or 10 consecutive innings in front of Jinkat India, they hit the penultimate round. penultimate common New Zealand debacle banana; But in the final match, India’s dream-capture remained uninterrupted as Australia defeated Rakhun by 6 wickets.

Out of 93 common people, 64 are still in front…

ICC competitive team Indian Gela played 93 matches in 10 years. Of these, 64 tables are made of zinc in front. 24 are lost. Or the four contenders are undecided. Only at the last moment, the infamy of India, which has won the title of ICC tournament for 10 consecutive years, has continued.

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