Anupama: After summer, this character will now say goodbye to the show! Anupama will be left alone

Anupama: After summer, this character will now say goodbye to the show!  Anupama will be left alone

Anupam: Star Plus’s popular serial Anupama has been entertaining the audience for many years. However, some time ago it lost the number one position in the TRP list. Anupama has now come to second place and has seen a decline in its popularity. The makers are coming up with new turns and twists to make the show interesting again. Now it is being said that there will be a small leap in the serial soon because the new promo is pointing in the same direction. Anupka will go to America and there will be no one with her. In the upcoming episodes it will be shown that Vanraj’s family will disintegrate. Vanraj himself will go to the rehab center and Kinjal-Toshu will go abroad. Meanwhile, a new update has come regarding the show.

Will Anupama-Anuj separate?

After watching the new promo of Anupama, fans are speculating that Anuj-Anupama will separate once again. Anuj’s glimpse was not seen in the promo. Talking about the track, a source earlier told FilmyBeat, “The creative team has planned a special twist for the audience in the upcoming episode. Anupama’s dream of going to America will finally come true; however, everything has a twist. There is a price. When asked whether Anuj-Anupama will be together in America, the source said, “The audience will be surprised after the track. That’s all I can say.”

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This character will die!

According to a report in Teleexpress, Baa will stop Vanraj from going to the rehab center, but Vanraj will not listen. At the same time, Baa will question the relationship between Dimpy and Tapish. Due to this, Dimpy will get very angry at Baa and will abuse her. Dimpy will tell Baa that she deserves to be alone. The report says that Baa will suffer a heart attack. Is Baa leaving the serial? Although nothing confirmed has been said about this, but this question will definitely come in the minds of the fans.

Will Chhoti Anu’s character also end?

At the same time, it is being said that Anupama will leave the Kapadia house in shock due to the death of younger Anu. Yes, these days the track is revolving around Malti Devi. She is provoking Choti Anu and further we will see that Malti Devi has warned to kill Choti Anu. It is possible that it will fall into the lamp and get burnt. This creates great fear in little Anu’s heart. Next Anupama will finally be seen in America. She loses everything, her husband, her sister and everything and has to live her life alone. It seems that younger Anu is no more and has died, due to which she left Anuj forever.

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh had said this

Meanwhile, Kunwar Amarjeet Singh had said in an interview about his character, Tapish is sweet, innocent and Anupama likes him. I hope this boy will be able to cure Anupama and fill the void left by Samar’s death. I remember when I was watching the World Cup match in my house, I got a call and suddenly I got a call from the production asking if they had something coming and if I was available. After that I went to his office. The next day I got my lines, we auditioned on the spot and immediately after the audition he talked to me about the changes and the story.

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